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  1. So this is more of a wiring problem???????????
  2. Can some please tell me what this code means on a 92 seville with the 4.9 engine. I cant find this code on the web anywhere!!!! Any and all help is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU Code: E040
  3. im not really sure about that but its prob gonna be expensive to fix, but i am by no means a mechanic, the best person to ask would be bboyski or sumin like that,,, he really knows his crap!!!! not sure if he is on now or not
  4. One of the many things is a Head Gasket, or something from the injector seals
  5. Can anyone explain why the caddy 3rd brake lights are notorious for not working properly????i have a 92 and it seems like 70% of this body style has a section of the LED out. On mine it sometimes works and it is sometimes in sections.
  6. rumor is that the wood on a base deville is fake and the wood on the dts is real...
  7. I am thinking about doin this to my 2001 but not to the extent u made your conversion, but, do the woodgrains match from the new dts wheel to the base woodgrain on the dash and panels??????????????????????????
  8. Yeah i have those leveling arms in the back...could you kinda explain how that would be done??? And is it readjustable to bring it back up to stock height????? so all i need to buy is front springs?????
  9. If i were to put a DTS steering wheel into a base deville, will the wood grains still match??? Of course assume that the deville is a 2001 and the dts wheel came out of the same body style. I know it has been done but i just dont think it will match. Any COmments????????????
  10. your deville would look great with a nice set of whitewalled tires.. Love the color!
  11. FOr some reason my car will stall when i am approaching a stop but the car will start right back up. There are no codes and when i watch the RPM's they just keep on sinking and stall out. I was told to clean out the egr's. Is there anything else i can do, has this ever happened to anyone else. I have the 4.9L THANK YOU
  12. Has anyone ever done a tune up on a 4.9L??? If so how much is this gonna cost me and is it easy to do myself???????
  13. Anyone with advise on what lowering kit to put on a 92 seville????
  14. There is absolutely no way that a cts would be snow friendly at all. My dad has one and he drives my seville if he needs to go somewhere in the snow due to the cts getting nowhere. He is very disappointed with it. But other than the snow thing it has been a great car!!
  15. I bought one of those cubes for my car and it didt even work. I found it easier to just take needlenose pliers and twist the piston back into position
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