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  1. Thanks for replys. Fuel pressure drops a little when gas pedal is pushed, pressure gauge needle is pretty jerky, drops to 40 to 42 when pushed, at idle is around 45 after it builds up. I don't plan on keeping it, so that's why I'm doing thermagasket. Tom
  2. 97 STS was doing thermagasket repair and then car started running poorly with no power at all, thermagasket was starting to seal it up too! So, was getting code 1108 Baro to Map Sensor to high, replaced Map Sensor with no difference. Gauged fuel pressure was 35 to 40, replaced Fuel Pressure Regulator, now 40 to 45. Starts and idles rough, but when gas pedal is hit, bogs down bad and kills most of the time. Fuel pump? Pulled air intake to Mass Air Flow Sensor, was some moisture in there like water drops in housing, filament on Sensor looked corroded but hard to tell, blew it off to dry and put back together with no apparent air leaks, ran the same. Any ideas?? Thanks ahead of time! Tom
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    97 STS

    Where is the map sensor on a 97 sts?
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