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  1. Good point! I owned a '94 Eldorado and know from experience that corrosion under the positive side (red) cable plastic covering can be a problem and can interfere with cranking. i can try doin that and will see if something changes !!!
  2. i do appreciate all you guys helping me !!! i did got the car home already and i still believe the car is still good and will run again ...i cooked most of my life for leaving so cars are way out of my line but i do understand something abt, this car,, 2 yaers ago when i bought this car was smoking almost 5 of the garages here said head gasket but i waited till i met the right guy and it was just a simple fix .... so i might ahve to do the same this time be patient and wait till i find the right person !!! by no mean iam trying to waste anybody time...i just love this car so much and i will not let ii go so easy !!!! i jst ran the codes it showed p032 and p050 both as current...
  3. battery is good !!! i will try to contact the previous owner and see if he can give me more info on that car....garage said may be coolant has got into motor ....nothing written !!! how much is a fair price to put in another motor just the labour ??? i think i can find another motor easy but i just dont trust the garage and mechancis in here !!!!
  4. no it wont crank !!! 5 quarts and the 2 !!! !no spots !!!! yes in fact not more the 3 miles !!! i dont know abt oil plugs cause i dint change the oil myself i let the garage did it this time!!!! yes filter been changed !!!! i dont know abt filter gasket and i dint check the dipstick i only checked when it showed check oil levell
  5. yes it does have oil in fact the garage said it had more oil then it supposed to !!!!!!
  6. but it all started when i changed oil 2 weeks back very next day it started cutting i changed spark plugs,cable and coil pack and sensor... but this was somthing i found surprising i just changed oil and drove not even 6 miles it said check oil level so i added 1 quart. i dint see nothing on the floor dropped... drove back for few miles again and it said check oil level. so i checked the stick it was very dry ... thats when i took it to garage ... and i know for sure i dint heat up the motor cause i live 3 miles from work,,,
  7. no i did not !!!!! i wont crank but did run good the previous day !!! so i just pulled it to garage !!!!
  8. it all started with engine cutting off while driving changed spark plus,changed cables,changed coil packs all 4 of them... .codes showed s050 so local advaced auto said cam shaft poistion sensor, changed that ... still same problem will cut off while took it to garage they say its bad motor and crank shaft is stuck and wont move... asking $1300 in labour to change another motor,, which i dont have one yet..... is it realy worth spending that money or should i just let it go ????? i do love this car a lot !!!!1
  9. chefmatrod


    congrats !!! post a pic. or stop and show me in middle georgia while driving home !!!!
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    Caddyinfo Members Get Together

    very good idea !!!!!
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    alternator { battery no charge }

    ok.. i will do just the way u said !!!i like to maintain my cars. for that matter whatever i own... thnak you once again for the help ...may god bless you ...
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    alternator { battery no charge }

    thnaks for your help !!!
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    alternator { battery no charge }

    ok i got it >>>.. we did find the problem when the mechanic put on alternator and new plug.. he dint connected the wire right... i asked my friend who own a cadillac he said something to do with grounding and asked me to check the new alternator plug wires.. thats when i find out he dint connected them right.. but all is good now i returned the new battery and left the new alternator on the car. so far its running good... also if may ask a question what type of motor oil should be using cause it abt. time to change oil ?? do i need to consider weather for that ??? i live in the south.. thank you again.. i feel much better today that my car is running good..
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    alternator { battery no charge }

    i will just in few minutes !!! thanks for the fast reply ..... battrey was disconnected i put it back on and only code shows is S050... just wondering if i need to drive for codes to come on ???? ran the codes again.. it shows s061 current and s072 current...