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  1. I need a picture how the STS 1998 splash shields in front looks like. Please help!
  2. The 2008 CTS. Can it be electrical locked? Seems rare, as you say, that both rear doors acts like this. It was low batteri, perhaps can have something to do with it?
  3. Thank you for answers. I have put a bid on the auction and will see on Wednesday if I will win. If so I will try suggested key-trick. Will let you know if so. I also noticed that both back doors was not possible to open. I heard the remote unlock both doors and the knobs went up, but impossible to open with either the door handle outside and inside. Any suggestions?
  4. Yes, no sound at all from starter but electrical stuff sounds in engine then turning the key to on (before starting mode), like pumps etc. The instrument cluster light up normally but Theft-Deterrent System are on even then turning the key to on mode. Doors open and locks with the remote key. Seems to have something to do with the Theft-Deterrent System?
  5. I'm interested to buy a Cadillac CTS 2008. The problem is that the car doesn't start at all. Electrical, battery etc. are fine but no chance that the car starts or even give a sound then turning the key. No fault codes found with Tech 2. A issue that may set this problem is that the car have lost both keys and a locksmith made new and also had them connected to the car. The locksmith are very good and said that the car and keys was connected but the car didn't start anyway. I have googled the subject and found same problem but no solution. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks for answers. Hm, the flashing battery lamp wasn't on before just after the alternator repair was done so it seems unlikely the battery wirings will mess. Seems more likely it's a regulator problem. The generator doesn't load at all on any rpm. However I will check the battery wiring just to be sure.
  7. After a "check charging system" error my shop repaired my Cadillac STS 1998 generator (one diode and regulator was broken). Reinstalled the generator and everything. Started and the "check charging system" error was gone. But the dash boards says the battery load is only 11.8 V and the warning battery lamp on dashboard is flashing fast! No error codes to pull out. A mechanic said it probably is wrong regulator installed. The electronic shop checked but says it's correct regulator due to their manuals and connections to generator are correct. Does anyone have a clue what to check for?
  8. I got a RSS C1761 error (RF Position Sensor) and need to buy a new sensor. Have looked at Rockauto but can't find any. Suggestion where to buy for best price? Need to be shipped to Sweden.
  9. Solved. Changed the module and it works. (yes, the battery isn't in best health, but didn't set the rim code).
  10. OK. Have disconnected RIM and attached again same problem. Have looked for the red device and clips onto the hot cable at the battery, but can't fint it. Do someone have a photo? I assume it's close to the battery under the rear seat? I still think it can be a burned fused. Is there any fuse related to this issue?
  11. @Cadillac Jim No other codes (just and RSS error I had since before), Can be a fuse, wiring or ground issue or the RIM i damaged. @JimD Thanks for the suggestion. I will try this.
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