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  1. Thank you all for your response to this problem, I suppose I have my weekend chore cut out for me but I now have a direction to follow rather than standing next to the car scratching my head.
  2. Creeping farther and farther away from that 100,000 mile mark I am starting to pick up a whine that apears to be coming, if not from the power steering pump, then at least a sheave located in that network. My question is, aside from motor oil and transmission fluid, does the power steering fluid ever need to be changed? Also I could use any tips on determining the source of the whine, whether it be the PS unit, Idler pulley or something else. The water pump has been changed about a year ago. This is on a '99 STS. Thanks in advance for any pointers or help. Paul S.
  3. Thank you all for your comments. I truly appreciate it and value your oppinions.
  4. I purchased a gallon jug of Valvoline "Max Life" Multi-Vehicle ATF for a reasonable price at Walmart. I got it home and read that it is a full synthetic. The label says it is good for GM, Ford, Toyota and Honda. It also claims it is a replacement for Dexron II, III, & VI. I haven't heard of a synthetic ATF and was wondering if you folks had any concerns or thoughts on the subject.
  5. Thanks for your imput Jim, A bit of history on the car, last year I noticed there was delayed shifting out of 1st gear on a coulple of instances and I also had one incident where it slipped, After that I immediately took it home and did some inspecting. I found the transmission fluid was dark. I removed the transmission fluid and replaced it with new. and the slipping went away and after a bit of a delay coming out of first gear the first time it started shifting properly. A local transmission service company tells me that because I changed fluid I hastened its demise and it needs pretty much a total rebuild to the tune on $1,600.00 to $1,900.00. Is this guy just trying to make a fast buck, or is there some credibility to what he is saying?
  6. Hello All, I was changing my oil in the '99 STS this week end and with two cars and a one car garage the '88 corvette had to get parked in the street during the job. As always I don't just move the corvette I take it around the block a few times to get the engine warmed up and blow any water out of the exhaust as it doesn't get driven very often and not at all in the winter months. Everything was fine during the trip around the block the engine sounded good the transmission was shifting well and right on target as far as the shfting points. So I parked it next to the curb in the street and went about changing the oil in the STS when I returned to put the corvette back in the garage the only part of the transmission that operated properly was park. There was no gear selection that would do anything or move the car. My question is, what in the world could have happened to have made such a radical transition in such a short time and by mearly starting and stopping the car? I have never had transmission trouble before in my life, I guess I am lucky, but the down side is, because of that I don't know much about them. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly apprectiated and welcome. Thanks in advance
  7. I have been pretty dazzled by all the new options that have become available since my '99 STS was new. I have really been drooling over the heated steering wheel and cooled seats. I can imagine the heated steering wheel isn't much different then the engineering involved in the heated seats, but I am curious as to how the cooled seats work.
  8. The automatic defrost on Texas Jim's car sounds amazing. I had no idea that they offered that option (assuming it wasn't standard equipment). My '99 STS has heated seats only, and I don't think I could ever go back to a car without them.
  9. I thought I read on one of the post that 2005 was the last year you could access the codes from the DIC. If this is true, how do you access the codes on a post 2005 vehicle.
  10. Great job of trouble shooting and great job of posting so that we all understood the problem. I feel your pain, I had an electric fork truck at work that would just quit running and stop on you for no particular reason. Finally, finally I traced it down to a dirty AGC fuse in the control circuit. A little sand paper on the glass fuse ends and on the fuse holder clips and it hasn't stopped on us in two years so far.
  11. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2013/12/10/priorities-top-5-gm-mary-barra/3954247/
  12. KHE If the 15 quarts is the overhaul qantity, what would be your guess on the drain and refill amount?
  13. I have past the 100,000 mile mark on my '99 STS and was thinking about the transmission maintenance. I looked up in the owners manual what was recommended for it and it tells me it is Dexron III and the required amount to fill the transmission is 15 quarts. Is it possible this is a misprint on the quantity of ATF needed for a change? Also with Dexron III not being on the local auto parts shelves any more, is there a substitute that I can use?
  14. Thank you so much for telling what it is like to own and drive an electric car. I am nearing retirement age and I don't want to be chained to a rocking chair on the front porch because gasoline is too expensive to buy. I have looked at a number of hybrids on the market but once you have owned and gotten use to a Cadillac. I think it would be really hard to make a change to anything else.
  15. The add that Bruce provided the link for answered a question that I have had for a number of years. Any one who remembers the old "All in the family" TV series might remember that in their theme song they would mention how their "old Lasalle ran great". Well up untill I looked at the link I had always wondered "What in the world is a Lasalle". Now I know that it was a Cadillac product. (Maybe that is why it ran great.) Thanks Bruce for clearing that up for me.
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