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  1. My '72 Eldorado has a Neutral Safety Switch inside, at the base of the steering column. Mine went on me, so I hot-wire the car to start. The few switches I came across the internet cost an arm and a leg. I wonder if you out there know where I can find one for under $75. (This switch is the same for Caddies between '69 and '72, I think, and attach to 6 wires, with vacuum tubes on its back.) Can someone help me out?
  2. My '72 ElDorado still has the original electronic points ignition circuitry. I'm looking for someone in Brooklyn who can dependably install my Pertronix Electronic Ingnition kit. Experience is important beause I'd hate to have a guy put it in and the timing wasn't right or, later find a short because wires rubbed clean.
  3. A rather new tire on my '72 El Dorado had a slow leak. After a few air fill ups I took it to a tire shop. Turns out the base of the long valve stem dried out and was brittle. He fixed it with silicone. Now another tire shows the same problem. My question is - where can I buy these long valve stems? They're not your usual valve stems, because the '72 El Dorado wheel isn't usual either
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