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  1. I have a 95 seville sts with some issues. i tried to install a cold air intake and when i did the engine sounded great, but started to smoke really bad. i put the oem breather box back on and it quit completely. What else do i need to do to be able to use the intake. I was able to install the maf sensor and the one vacuum line that was on the oem box. with the oem box im getting a rough idle. the filter may be a little dirty so ill try to change the filter. any other suggestions. How do i fix the rough idle and how can i use my imtake.
  2. thank you all again for your tips and suggestions. blowing out the air purge line did the trick. at idling the temp stays at 207-208. almost done.
  3. Work hard to play hard!!!

  4. When life throws you lemons...throw them bitches back!!!

  5. Ok so I am foreman at a scrap yard, and 1 year ago an older gentleman drove this gorgeous gold seville sts on the scale. Yes he ws scrapping it, all because he ws having overheating issues(wich are now solved thanks to you all) and the rear subframe connecting the rear wheels together was snapped. So i bought the car for scrap price, little under 500...lol...picked up a new rear end for 150...ive got a grand total of about 1,000 (including what i paid for the car) into the car. theres not one spec of rust or scratches on the car. the only thing i have left to do is replace the windshield, bleed the brakes, get an alignment, tune-up, oil change, and then take it to a detailer.
  6. hey thanks for the info. going to try it today after work, and i was assuming, lol. now when i let it run the temp climbs up to about 220, when i give it a little gas it comes down a few degrees. does it still sound like an air in the system problem? hopefully
  7. i have an 95 seville sts. I replaced the water pump, the thermostat, and the cooling fans, and im still overheating. not a head gasket oil looks fine, not blowing any smoke out of tail pipe. what and where is the air purge line located, and if there is air in the cooling system will it really overheat lie that
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