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  1. So I 'm not sure about all the rules with these Forums but I'm sure someone will! I hope if there is question or concern others can help! Lets start with my car! I just changed: waterpump,powersteering,generator,carburator,fuel pump,radiator,cam shaft,lifters, & push rods. I know, I know... any way, after we primed and started the engine we have a "chirping" noise!! It follows the revs of the motor. Does anyone have any idea? The only thing we have not changed is: rocker arm assmbly, distributor(though it does have a Pertronix unit), transmission (previous owner rebuilt 5K ago)
  2. I've been playing with cars since 1974. This 1958 Coup de ville is my second personal car. I buy, sale, find, cars & parts for people and myself. A close friend has a shop in Pomona, CA and together we manage to question most things that we find on our cars and others.With alot of "Old Timers" slowing down, I thought this would be a good way to meet other " Car guys" pros & non-pros and to seek out help.
  3. Hello out there!! Ok Guys & Gals, I hope this will start a exchange of ideas, remedies,fixes,etc. for us "Vintage Caddy" guys! I'm based in Southern California & when I said "hello" I told you all I know about computers! I peck and my spelling is bad! ( thanks spell check). I hope this is the right format and that a "Forum" is the right place. Please let me know. Caddy Dave
  4. Hi to All , Newbie here!

    I have many questions about a "Chirping" from my 365 engine.

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