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  1. Thanks Ranger, Shall i go for a lower temperature thermostat? like 160 degrees? I had a GTO and I replaced the thermostat with HyperTech low temperature one... It really made big difference there. Now the tensioner was fine but i still replaced it (just to make sure). The only thing left now is the thermostat. Will report tonight. Thanks
  2. Thank you Ranger, I will look for this block test kit here. I also found a leak on and replaced the left plastic side wall of the radiator, now the radiator shop guy checked the thermostat and said that the one i have will only open at higher temperatures and that was the cause of this overheating & I should buy the one that would open at lower temperatures in order to keep the car's temp normal. I'm trying to find such thermostat but couldn't till now (any suggestions? part # etc?) Now the car doesn't has a thermostat and the temp has been very much better than before i.e the needle moves to the next mark but comes back to normal within 5-7 mins and this happens with AC on as well as with the AC off and at idle I think this is happening because the fans wont start at the right temperature because the temp sensor is not getting the right signals. Could it be the thermostat? I'm very happy to drive the car around because its not "overheating" like before :') I'll still check the waterpump tensioner tomorrow and any suggestions on the thermostat part # or any details would be really appreciated. Thanks
  3. One More Question... Shouldn't it be overheating too much if the Head Gaskets were gone?? the needle never goes above the 12 and a half mark or 1 o'clock mark max. Thanks for all your support and help
  4. Thank you Ranger & BodybyFisher for the deatils, Heres what I did today: Took the car to this radiator shop and he checked the radiator flow, there was too much dirt and rust in the hoses and he cleaned it all up. the flow was good though, now we kept the car started with AC on for about 1 hour and the temp needle stayed on the 12 o'clock mark. Then i drove it back home (about 6 kms) it moved to the next mark a lil bit at the traffic light but then came back to normal in a min. Now I went out after 4 hours and it was normal for about 40 mins and then the needle started to move to the next mark after the middle, I turned off the AC and then the needle started to move from 12 o'clock to the next mark & then back to normal even while driving (40-60 mph) and it kept on doing this.. I live in Saudi and it is very very hard to find qualified technicians here I will look for this pressure tester & will do it for sure. Now is there any way to check if the Head Gaskets are gone? I need to be sure before spending $2000 on this job. one more thing, The Radiator shop guy did not add coolant to it and said to wait for a day or 2 to make sure if it performs well. (I KNOW I SHOULDNT HAVE LISTENED TO HIM AND SHOULD HAVE ADDED THE COOLOANT) Will check the tensioner on Saturday and report back. Thank you all so very much
  5. I did as the mechanic asked me to do, Ok now how do I check if its holding the pressure? i thought the purge line should be clear ? why do i have to let it clog? ok i will do as you said and will report back tomorrow. Thanks
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been reading posts in this forum since so many years and its been a great help but I couldn't find any answers to my problem. I have a 2000 DHS with 98,000 miles on it. The car is in perfect shape and all the things work just fine except for this overheating problem that has appeared last month. I drive it almost everyday and the temperature needle never went above the half mark but last month it started to overheat a bit (next mark after the half) with the AC on but it would go to normal when i start driving & also goes back to normal when i rev it upto 2500 rpm on idling. the needle does not moves if the AC is off. Now heres the mystery, This happens only every 1-2 days and sometimes stays normal for 3-4 days. Everyone is saying that its the Head Gaskets. The reservoir tank was slightly leaking coolant near the cap so I replaced it but the car started overheating too much after replacing it. I thought that an air pocket is causing this so I thought of bleeding it today (engine off> disconnected the 3/8" hose> blocked both overflow hose & 3/8" hose from the reservoir tank> pumped through the reservoir tank) there was too much air that came out and finally the coolant started to come out but the coolant stopped once I started the engine (with the cap on but still blocking the 2 hoses) the fans kicked in but the needle jumped upto the next mark after the half it came back to normal when I raised the revs upto 3000 but after sometime it went back & this time it dint came back to normal. one more thing, the rev has started to stay at 1500 & only comes down when i switch on the AC. Now does anyone has idea what could be the problem?? I think the water pump is not functioning properly but how can I test it? why the 3/8" hose stopped pouring coolant when I started the engine?? Could it be the water pump tensioner?? Following are some tests and replacements I have done so far: 1. Checked and both fans are working fine at high and low speeds. 2. Replaced the thermostat & cleaned the radiator. 3. Replaced the reservoir tank and the cap. 4. Got the water pump checked, The mechanic says it works fine but i doubt it. NOTE: The needle never went beyond the first mark after the Middle/Half mark...NEVER I really need to fix this but I really dont think that the Head Gaskets are blown, It would be very helpful if any of you could share your experience with me. Thanks, Dehlawi
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