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  1. garykaye99

    '00 Caddy Code P0385 & P0387 - serious?

    Got everything fixed for about $1150 with a local GM Master mechanic, not the dealership. One of my transmission guys I used in the past said "have to rebuild the entire transmission - $2500". My guy also did all 4 brakes turned & pads, new fuel filter too, everything altogether just under $1500. The entire tranny has to be dropped, the part is $25 bucks but you have to have it to pass emissions. Nuff' said.
  2. garykaye99

    AZ Mechanic recommendation

    I can confirm it - this is a very good, fair Arizona GM master mechanic. No boloney! Fixed my 0741 1860 codes, $750 for that which is 1/2 to 1/3 what others were quoting verbally. He also did all 4 brakes pads & turn rotors, changed fuel filter, got car ready for Emissions which it passed. Total bill $1460 and I couldn't be more pleased. Good guy too.
  3. garykaye99

    AZ Mechanic recommendation

    <<Just called this mechanic and am bringing in the car next week with P0741 P1860 and a couple other minor things, sounded reasonable and good on the phone. My other transmission guy wanted a complete rebuild at 2500 and that's just not going to happen. I will keep the board posted, hopefully this guy is a very good AZ mechanic as they are hard to find.
  4. Hello All = new here, just bought a used 2000 DeVille at auction, runs great, took it to my local oil change shop for a fluids check all around. Check engine light was on, codes are: P0101 P0385 P0741 P1860 P0387. I've put 50 miles on the car, it seems to be running excellent as a De Ville should. This is my third DeVille from '91, '96 and now this '00. I am a pretty good weekend mechanic, so when I saw that P0385 and P0387 have something to do with "crankshaft" I got scared. From looking through other posts here I see that P0385 is a couple of sensors, P0101 master air flow, P0741 is a solenoid etc. Now my main question: Are these codes a deal-breaker, did I just buy a lemon? If the check engine light comes on and stays on the second a minor sensor goes out or gets tripped then I'm not scared. If any of these are demanding a 2k tranny job or a 5k motor job I'm scared. Any thoughts much appreciated.