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    Eldorado 1997
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    Northstar 4.6L V8 (LD8/L37)

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  1. I attempted to start the car but it went a little crazy on me when I unlocked the door this morning, I can tell the battery is low and the alarm sounded at a low tone and finally stopped, then the gas cap flew open along with the trunk lid. Not sure what is causing this but now is another problem maybe a short,
  2. Well I attempted to check the metal line from the surge tank and the car went crazy on me when I unlocked the door. Horn started sounding alarm, at a very low tone because of dying battery , gas cap flew open, trunk came open? Very odd wonder if there is a short somewhere. Battery hasn't been holding a charge for the last few days so maybe it's getting drained .
  3. Is there another way to check the fans because my ac is not currently working
  4. Is there another way to check my fans because ac is currently not working?
  5. Drove on the highway for about twenty minutes and it overheated. Then let cool down and drove home for about. 20 minutes at 45 mph with no problems. Unless noted current, all codes I pulled were history PCM b0113current, b1111 current , b0325,b0102 b1599 Ipc b1552,1983,2510 Acm- b1348,1350 Tcs c1255 Rss-c1712 current, 1711,1760 Pzm- b1552,1983,2470,2502,1558,1970,2477 Msm- b0856,b2129,b2120 current,b2119,b1983,u1300 Mmm- b1983.
  6. Here's the deal, my 97 northstar has been getting hot and not sure what to do. Replaced the thermostat, did not get a flush kit but drained the system and ran a ton of water through it with a hose. It has been doing ok at highway speeds. I can drive like half an hour on the highway and then come to a stoplight and sit and the temp starts rising and my oil pressure light flashes off and on. Seems to overheat at a a stand still. on the other hand, i started it and let it idle for 30 minutes in the driveway and it was fine. Oil is not milky so I do not think this is related to head gasket problems. Now I am at a loss. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  7. I have not changed wires but am going to. I changed the fuel filter which was needed anyway but that didn't help. Also the car is idling a little high at times but not much. What could cause my car to idle high and cut out? Could my iac be messed up but not set off a code?
  8. Of coarse you could. Could be the wires as well, but I would not expect any of those to cause a stall at idle. A misfire, yes. I'm not actually stalling normally just idling really rough.
  9. No dtc codes at all . Could it be injectors? I cleaned the entire throttle body and it looks new and cleaned the iac and no codes. Could I have a bad plug or coil pack?
  10. I checked the fuel pressure reg and it's not spitting fuel. How do I check the throttle body? I cleaned it and it was really dirty but still runs bad. Also cleaned the iac and no help. Could it be a coil pack? If not what else should I check ? I just cleaned the plate on the throttle body should I clean more? Also how do I tell if the tb or iac are functioning properly?
  11. Car cuts out misses while idling at stand still. NO problems driving down road at any speed. Replaced plugs, air filter. Any clue what this could be, not showing any codes in my system either.
  12. I have a 1997 eldorado etc and at stoplights and only when idling at stand still does my car cut out or miss. It does not cut out, miss, or have problems while pressing the gas or going down the road. I replaced, plugs, air filter. I am not getting any codes come up, cant find any vacuum lines that are leaking. Someone please give me an idea if this is a sensor or what it could be. Thank you.
  13. Hey appreciate it thanks for the help
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