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  1. I've been getting the "check suspension" light for years, but the level control was working well. In April this year I noticed the pump was coming on for only 5 seconds after turning the ignition on. I lifted vehicle, notice the left rod was missing. Got one at a boneyard, but discovered that the sensor lever movement was very stiff. I lubed it, got it moving well, installed thea rod. No difference, in other words, airpump only operates for 5 seconds. I'm thinking about just mounting a switch near my steering wheel and running a wire to the pump. I towed the boat once this year - rear very low of course.
  2. I took the car to our local Cadillac dealer for diagnosis. The tech said that the codes (62 and 64 I believe) indicated that neither height sensor was working. GM has discontinued the parts. The "service ride control" message does indeed come on every time I start the car. With no weight at the rear, the ride height is normal.
  3. Does anyone know how to diagnose the height sensors? The airpump runs for 5 seconds no matter what the rear load is. There are no leaks in the lines/airshocks (airshocks are 3 yrs old). The airpump is new. Next question: If I need a height sensor, where can I find one? It is not available through the dealers.
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