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  1. I will definately do my homework before I make any installations. My last resort (probably the best) is just to buy a Magellen or Garmin GPS. I know several people who have them and are very happy with them. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Thanks for the detailed advice. I thought that it would be a difficult install in the first place. What are your opinions about aftermarket in dash nav radios? I see them from Kenwood and one from Motevo that is supposed to be a plug and play install. Any advice on this.
  3. I spoke to a Caddy dealer and with the Bose issue aside, he said i would need a new BCM, ECM and harness. The harness is questionable since I thought all cars would have a complete harness installed for all options. (Correct me if I am wrong) As far as the BCM and ECM, I have searched online and all the parts suppliers I have contacted do not specify a different part number for a BCM and ECM with navigation radio. I might even agree with a different BCM module but what does the ECM have to do with the navigation radio? Please shed some light on this. Thanks
  4. I thought that there is a non-Bose navigation radio that I've seen on other cars. Correct me if I am wrong.
  5. I would like to replace the factory XM 6 CD radio in my 2006 DTS II with a same year Navigatio radio. Can this be done and if so, will this be a "plug and play" job or do I need to install anything else to make this work? Thanks for the help.
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