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  1. Hi Guys - Thanks for your help with this! I cleaned the vertical groove/seal that the window slides in, and yes, it was filthy dirty with grime. After a thorough cleaning, I sprayed some spray silicone up & down the groove, and since doing so, the window has worked perfectly * like-new. A simple fix to something that I thought would involve taking the door apart and changing a window motor. Again, a big thanks!
  2. Thanks. When you mentions "seals", the only one I can see making a difference would be the one along the 'latch' side of the door (opposite the hinged side. If the bottom seal is gummed-up, it would probably affect the window all the way up. The window doesn't touch the seal on the hinge side until its several inches up, so there's only one seal that could affect it (I think). As for the track, I'm assuming you mean the track that the glass is sitting in, and if that's the case, why wouldn't the slowness be all the time?
  3. Thanks, guys. I just find it odd that water would act as a lubricant at all. I'm not sure what the "pop & drop regulator" is (yet), but I guess I should start with taking the inner panel off and go from there. If its still slow with the panel off, perhaps I'll take a spray bottle to it and see if spraying it in different areas improves anything. Last week, I lifted the window, stopped it maybe 6" up, and then grabbed it (it was stopped) and tried to see if anything was loose. It did shift side to side a bit and when I tried the passenger's side, it was tight. From there, I tried to p
  4. Hi guys - its been a few months, but I'm having another issue that to me, seems odd, and I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this? I've got an 02 Deville, and the driver's side, front window goes down fine, but when I try to raise the window, it goes VERY slowly for 5 or 6 seconds, and then speeds up to normal speed. I obviously assumed that the motor was getting tired and that it was straining when the most torque was needed, however we've had some rain over the past week, and I've noticed that the window raises at normal speed whenever it rains. As soon as it dries up, it goes back to
  5. Well...I finally loacted a couple of guys who were parting-out there old Caddys. I visited both of them today, and the first guy's 87 Eldorado was such a rust-bucket, that the horns literally broke-apart in my hands. The second guy though had a great 85 Fleetwood, and the horns in them were in like-new condition. I ended-up buying all four of his horns, and will be mounting them this Sunday. Geez...it's like Christmas Eve is approaching around here!!!
  6. Thanks Ranger. I'll look up the horn locations, and give that a try too.
  7. Hi Guys...I'm still having troubles locating the correct horns (the "C" & "D") to buy. The dealership here, doesn't specify which "note" each of the different part numbers are, and I havent been able to find them at the scrap-yard. Has anyone bought them as "new" horns, and if so, do you have any part numbers???
  8. You now have "A" and "F"... You need "C" and "D" to make it sound like the older Cadillacs. Thanks very much. What's the consensus on adding a 2nd relay for the 2 new ones vs. upgrading the existing one and hooking them up in series?
  9. Hi Guys; I'm new to the forum...so pls be patient with me... My father was a long-time Cadillac owner, and started buying them back in the early 80's. He started with an Eldorado, and then, because of "family trips to the South", began buying Deville's (b/c they were sedans). The first Deville was an '88 (nice car), which graduated to a 92, a 96, which took him to his last purchase which was & is a 2002. Since his passing last year, I've inherited the car, and want to follow in his footsteps of honking the horn while driving through tunnel's, etc. I've noticed over the years though,
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