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    1984 Eldorado Biarritz Convertible
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    4.1L OHV V8

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  1. I have the 84 manual and originally had a problem with the programmer mechanisim that opens / closes the air vent. As I traced back I had to go into the dashboard and removed both ECM and fuel data modules and see that shaking the wires made the connections go on and off. Now cant get the lights to work. R
  2. From what I see the hose on the inside of the cabin goes to a grommet and the outside of that is a bigger diameter hose that goes into a 3 side tee connector which the second connection goes to a small hose plugged with a screw. This obviously had to go to the cruise control servo ( which is NOT in the car) the last tee connects a hose going to a metal tube right near the vacuum pump, runs around the front of the motor and goes into the bottom of the carburetor. I would think that the vacuum origin is from the carburetor so if I removed the end of the hose coming out of the carb right before it goes into the metal tube should I feel vacuum there regardless if car is in drive or not?
  3. confirmed, no vacuum with car running in drive at brake servo. next?
  4. Ah, OK. I need another person to do this with me, will try again with the car in drive and report back later, thx R
  5. Confirmed, no vacuum at brake servo hose. Now what? thx rd
  6. Great idea to start from the beginning, I have a vacuum tester and wanted to make sure I do this right. Do I remove the hose from the servo and see if I get air? should it suck in or blow out? A little confused about that. thx rd
  7. I looked thru this whole manual , makes no sense as all I found is the pic below. I'm looking under V for vacuum. I know what I'm looking for as it would be the same diagram that is on the fan shroud. http://dagwaremedia.com/vaccumdiagram.jpg its for the HT4100
  8. I have the service information book for the car, I'm looking for the page with the diagram now. R
  9. OK, thanks for that, this is what I did so far, out of the firewall driverside there is a hose that runs up near the vac pump then into a metal tub which runs into the bottom of the carburetor. Now I know there is 2 kinds of vacuum sucking and blowing. I checked for air at the place where the hose runs into the metal and I get nothing , no air in or out. I also see that the person who put this motor in left the clamp off coming out of the carb into the metal tube. I will check again but should I get suction or air blowing on that hose? I would think the path runs from the carburator into the cabin and supplies the emg brk with vacuum, am I right? R R
  10. Ok, started the car, pressed the emg brake pedal down, put car in drive brake does not release. I have another emg brk diaphragm assuming I change it and its the same problem would it be safe to say that the vaccum is not getting in the cabin? If so where do I start as I see the vaccum pump supplies the hoses but as I mentioned the hose coming off the v pump going to the hole underneath the p brake booster is larger than the vacuum line on the inside going to the emg brake. I would think to start directly from the vaccum pump as I have a vac meter, do you happen to know what psi I should see? RRD
  11. Will do later today and report back, thx R
  12. Can you please explain the easiest way to see if I have vacuum at the emg brake? I know that if I lock the brake the pedal does not disengage. The hose is connected. I need to know if the line entering the cabin has vacuum. I just replaced the power brake booster and changed the vaccum pump as my brake pedal was a little hard. I would assume that the hose running from the vac pump into the firewall enters the cabin and the first stop is the emergency brake. But the hose on the outside is larger than the hose going to the brake servo, I'll deal with the cruise control later, just as long as not having it in is not part of this problem. BtW I have a part car its an 85' Biarritz , the motor was removed from that car but that motor had no cruise control, I have the emr brake servo from that car so I can always swap ( just a pain in the a#$ to remove as it's such a tight area. Any help figuring this out is appreciated. RD
  13. Thanks for the reply this issue has been killing me for two years as the car is a Biarritz convertible and I only use in spring to fall so I thought I would try to tackle this again. I could use some expertise here as I want to make sure everything under the hood was checked first then I will revisit the cabin vaccum lines. heres some pics I just took http://dagwaremedia.com/discvaccumline.jpg http://dagwaremedia.com/CruiseMissing.jpg http://dagwaremedia.com/Anotherdiscvaccumline.jpg .jpg
  14. I have been going nuts trying to figure out why I do not get any air flow into my ac vents and defroster vents. controller is good vaccum lines seem to be working and I even changed the power brake booster, still the same problem, then I noticed there was a vaccum line, drivers side out of the firewall hanging. The motor in this car was changed and the cruise control is not there but was on the original motor but someone took it out. After looking at some diagrams from the 84'manual I do see that the cruise control pod engine is missing. Since the cruise works on vacuum could this be the problem? I still cannot get the parking brake to release when the car is in gear either, vaccum lines are all in. Second question, I can live without the cruise control but is having this out causing this vacuum problem?
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