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  1. i had a bad relay for the right fan for cooling. i got to drive it to gas station and i got a check coolant level reading. so not really thinking until after the fact i tok the cap off and it overheated on the way home. i believe i got some air in the coolant system, so im going to refill because it boiled out.
  2. yes i checkd for codes and i got pcm p0603 and ipc b1552 which means system was reset or not ready. but im looking into replacing the fans fan relay. i done everything else according to manual so far, so replacing these is next step. im thinking that the right fan relay is bad for cooling but it works for a/c.
  3. i checked the purge line. if it's the line connected to expansion tank, then its flowing coolant out. the engine is still trying to run hot but as it does only one fan is running. if i run the ac both run? also i was wondering sbout the ect sensor. can this be a cause?
  4. thank you guys for all the advice, i never got around to using it again because i was working on my truck yesterday. im in the process of trying this purge line. im just fustrated with this car
  5. i was wondering if i can put a 2000+ 4.6 northstar in a 197 deville. done some research and ive read that 1996-1999 4.6 are some of the worst engines and to replace it with a 2000+. anybody havve any input
  6. this the only reason im trying this because they were using blue devil an a cadillac. this stuff was working but i messed up with the thermostat because the seal has to be on so nothing will leak. i cannot find this pruge line. there are two hoses leading out the expansion tank, but i fiorgot to check it. also this my last resort to fixing this car because i dont have money to fix it but i was looking at used engines, and i might go that route. also this product says its safe for northstar engines
  7. im trying this product called blue devil right now, have to let engine run for about an hour. im pretty sure its the head gasket. thanks for looking
  8. ok i bought my 97 deville from my dad and he said he had his brother fix the water pump and heater core. so when i got it from him, i changed the oil but i had mixed 10-30 and 5-30 oil together. i didnt know unitl i was pouring the last of the oil in. the next day i noticed steam from under the hood, traced it back to the a heater hose leading to the water pump. replaced that and it drove good for a week, then last week i was doing excessvie speeding dropping my dad off at the airport(94mph). so when i got off the freeway, the engine lost power, boiling light came on, and the dash read "change oil, engine overheating" so i barely made it home. so after that i changed the thermostat, water pump belt, and serpentine belt along with draining the radiator and flushin it, and refilled with gm recommended coolant along with the tablets, still overheating. but when i changed the thermostat, i drove it for about seven miles before it overheated. so thats three times it overheated and i went over everything in the manual i have. my next step is to replace the water pump, but i think it could be the head gasket. i need some feed back please.
  9. this might be to late but i thought it was just 1 hose but there is a tube connected to this hose thats stays on. i went to the junk yard got 1 for ten bucks easy fix. i had the same problem two drops of coolant, but my hose was about to burst, i was lucky i found it coming out
  10. sounds about right, im having starting problems with my 97, but if they found mice you should've let them do it unless ur an electrican. when they perform a job and you still have problems you can take it back right. but if you do it, you could miss something and an engine fire can happen. two things i dont play with fire and electricity.
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