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  1. Sorry posted wrong year! It's a 2013 !!
  2. I was having an intermittent "Check Engine" light showing P0171. Connected my diagnostic tool and found very high (38+) LTFT at idle that would slowly decrease at higher RPM to (25). Started by checking for vacuum leaks and this is what I found. PVC hoses cracked and brittle (see pictures). Temp fix with duct tape while waiting for a new replacement from AC Delco. Better already with less fuel consumption! Hope this helps others.
  3. Thanks for the rapid response !!! Now I have something to do on vacation. You're the BEST .
  4. I definitely have a faulty FPR on my 93 N*. What do I need and what is the proceedure to replace the FPR. I am away from my shop on vacation so no books and tools are limited. Thanks for your help.
  5. Just changed fluid and filters on 4T80E. Do I need to reset trans adapt in computer like I did on my '93 STS ??? Please give proceedure as I do not have a 2001 manual. Thanks, Wild.Bl
  6. Pep Boys did the install. I supplied the parts. Runs great now !! The shifter handle is not responding to super glue. I may have to spend the $125 for a new handle. Good luck with the brakes.
  7. OK you got me too !! Old Poll - New Info
  8. Purchased the first '93 STS N* for my wife 5 years ago with 89K. Replaced trans shift solenoids at 95K. Replaced the starter at 160K. Replaced fuel pump at 170K. All other service has been routine maintenance. It now has 176K and going strong. She loves it !! Just purchased another '93 STS N* last summer with 83K. Now has 86K and just replaced the fuel pump module. Otherwise it has been problem free. My son "MIke D" has a '93 STS N* that I purchased 4 years ago with 117K. He purchased it from me and has driven it hard !! It now has 206K. Replaced the crank balancer and idler pulley bearing
  9. Logan, you hit it on the nose. The pump was bad but I had to replace the whole module because the harness terminal was burnt !! Thanks to everyone for their help. I'm back to terrorizing Daytona Beach.
  10. My son, "MIke D", and I have three 93 STS N* vehicles. My son is an aggressive driver. When he drives any of the vehicles the worst mileage is 16 city/ 21 hwy. When I drive in a non aggressive mode I get 19-22 city/ 24-25 hwy. With only 76K on your engine, you should be doing at least that good. These vehicles have 86K, 176K, and 206K on them. I keep them tuned and air intake system clean. I use premium fuel from any source. I only use AC Delco replacement parts. It sounds like a complete tune up and cleaning should be your first approach. Also check for codes in the computer and run a pe
  11. Any help or opinions will be greatly appreciated. This happened two weeks ago and has been fine until this morning. Started the engine and pulled out of the garage and shut off ignition. Tried to restart about 10 minutes later and no start. Turned key on to listen for relays etc. The fuel pump relay clicks but no fuel pump sound. An hour later I returned to check the problem. Went into OBD to check for codes. Only had my typical AO12 and SO63. Cleared codes and turned off ignition. Turned ignition key on to recheck and fuel pump began to run. Cycled key on and off three times and pump r
  12. I voted once for my 176K STS. How do I register a vote for my 86K STS??
  13. '93 STS w/176K and still running strong without timeserts !!
  14. Ranger, Thanks for the reply. The slow death variety I had experienced with the other STS. When the flat bed arrived from AAA the engine started on the first try. It is now running just like it always has. Intermittent ?? I don't know, but I hope it doesn't return at the "wrong time". Gotta go get WILD !!! Thanks for looking, Wild Bill
  15. 93 STS - Northstar Ran fine yesterday. Started today and drove about 50 feet when engine stalled. Will not restart. Stall triggered code P053. Cleared code and checked to see if it would reset while cranking. It does not reset. Checked for fuel pressure at rail valve, No Fuel. Checked fuel pump fuse and relay, both are working. No sound from backseat area when cycling relay, so I don't think the pump is running. Is there anything else I can check? Is it possible for the pump to stop without warning? I have not had any driveability problems with this vehicle. Unfortunately, I am on vacat
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