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  1. Sorry posted wrong year! It's a 2013 !!
  2. I was having an intermittent "Check Engine" light showing P0171. Connected my diagnostic tool and found very high (38+) LTFT at idle that would slowly decrease at higher RPM to (25). Started by checking for vacuum leaks and this is what I found. PVC hoses cracked and brittle (see pictures). Temp fix with duct tape while waiting for a new replacement from AC Delco. Better already with less fuel consumption! Hope this helps others.
  3. Thanks for the rapid response !!! Now I have something to do on vacation. You're the BEST .
  4. I definitely have a faulty FPR on my 93 N*. What do I need and what is the proceedure to replace the FPR. I am away from my shop on vacation so no books and tools are limited. Thanks for your help.
  5. Just changed fluid and filters on 4T80E. Do I need to reset trans adapt in computer like I did on my '93 STS ??? Please give proceedure as I do not have a 2001 manual. Thanks, Wild.Bl
  6. I voted once for my 176K STS. How do I register a vote for my 86K STS??
  7. '93 STS w/176K and still running strong without timeserts !!
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