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  1. guys with code po741 only can I take it to cadillac dealer and get tran service oil changer,filter and maybe a switch? what would be the round about cost?
  2. Well done. You are making excellent progress in systematic diagnosis technique. Now for a few more guidelines for your model/year of vehicle; Codes flagged as 'History' are interesting, but not important for the immediate problem. To take one of your "current" codes as an example. "Pcm po741"; what is relevant about that code is the last 5 characters, or P0741. The "P" character is specific to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and the four numeric characters (0741) identify a unique "P" problem. The useful part of that example is the P0741 portion. The bad news is you have two "P" codes that MIGHT point to a potentially expensive transmission/transaxle repair. The codes are P0741 and P1860. The (possible) good news is the P1860 might be the root cause of both codes and P1860 "could be" corrected by simply addressing a dirty/corroded electrical connector. No guarantee on that point. Your B0429 code is as common as dirt and has nothing to do with your powertrain symptoms. B codes are "Body" codes and B0429 relates to rear seat HVAC conrol. If it was me, I would clear all codes and take a 10 mile test drive. Then display the codes again, looking for a consistent display. Good luck..... Jim D my 98 deville as only 1 code po741 and was told that it was cleared before i got it 5 years ago and now came back ?