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  1. Problem solved. I pulled on the coax more aggressively the next day and the coax pulled out of the antenna assembly. Now the remote radio receiver and the antenna are separated and ready for installation.
  2. I have overcome dead spots on the power window motor by tapping on the interior door panel. Just the other day, my Eldorado passenger door window was unresponsive to any window switch (drivers, and passenger side) commanding it to go down. The lights would dim slightly as the window switch was activated which let us know the switch was good. My brother said to tap on the door panel to overcome the sticking motor. He tapped the passenger door panel and the window works fine.
  3. I am in the process of replacing the power antenna on my 1994 Eldorado. The power antenna also has the remote radio receiver in the trunk. I wish to replace just the antenna section, not the combined antenna - remote receiver assembly. There is a coax that goes between the remote receiver and the antenna. How does the coax remove from the antenna? Does it just pull it out, or is there a special technique. I try pulling on the coax cable near the antenna, and it does not seen to disconnect. I do not want to pull too hard and potentially damage the antenna. Does the coax just simply pull out of the antenna, or is it permanent to the antenna - remote radio receiver assembly?
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