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  1. One more possibility is the internal regulator portion of the alternator. They will draw down the battery as well but not all the time either.
  2. To see curb rash on a beautiful wheel such as this would make a grown man cry for sure. They must be a collector item by now,,,,,,
  3. 2 Dr Coupe for sale...Very clean car bumper to bumper. 368 DFI engine, plush interior, many, many new parts and totally rebuilt ECM so she drives like new. Have spare parts and all the Cadillac Factory Service manuals. and owners manual. Have dealership brouchure from 1981 and Electrical blueprints.....The car is triple blue with Power Astroroof and Opera lights ....$6200 firm.
  4. There is also a Idle screw that you can adjust the idle level. The screw is under the SC motor and a bit hard to get at, I had to up my idle a bit as the ISC wasn't doing the job.
  5. The TPS is generally spot welded in place unless someone has had the DFI unit off. Are you sure it's not the ISC out of adjustment?? You could back out the plunger screww and see if that gives you the extra rpm you need.
  6. As long as it moves freely PVC is good, only when they get gummed up do they refuse to work.
  7. Am really surprised that the dealer crushed the sale because of not wanting to supply you with a tire. Bad judgement I'd say.
  8. Hey Irish: The check engine is probably coming on because of a faulty speed sensor circuit. It will not harm your car to drive over 55 all the check engine is telling you is that you have an ECM code being thrown. I have a diagnostic check list if you are interested to see if the speed sensor is the culprit. Do you know how to access the codes on your climate control. If so post them here. Cheers.
  9. A tour of the Cadillac R&D shop would be a real treat.
  10. Optima Red Top..... awesome batteries but will cost you a few bucks.
  11. Not likely due to exhaust leak. More likely timing, Vacuum leak, Map sensor leak or restricted, throttle switch in need of adjustment, EGR stuck open or faulty, malfunction of speed sensor trigger.
  12. Being an old fart I'm surprised that you remember to put oil in your car!!! LOL Happy Motoring all.
  13. -1224760 ECM for $50 1-baro/map sensor combo mounted on bracket for $25 1-temp. sensor for $10 1- A/C accumulator for $20 1-TPS sensor(throttle position sensor) for $20 2- chrome tail lite assemblies for mounting on bumper for $50 1-tail lite lens for $5 2- tail lite lens chrome trim rings for $10 1- license plate filler chrome trim for $10 4 pce wheel well chrome trim for $50 1- drivers door master switch for windows, seats and power locks for $40 3- fan belt (all different length for $10 1- gas pedal with chrome trim for $5 ........All prices do not include shipping. You can inq
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