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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in Have serious need of help have questions.   
    While not available here, gmpartsdirect, does the diagram help any:            It may supply the part number you need.
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in Brakes or Downshift to slow down   
    Lets see if this works, this is a link to a folder in my dropbox of the 2009 CTS-V Challenge, a brief Bob Lutz spot and a few CTS-Vs flying by.   Keep in mind the CTS-Vs had no brake fade all day long
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    cdgrinci reacted to RubberCarrot in 1995 Fleetwood Brougham Light Throttle Stumble   
    Update - The work is finally done.  It was not fun.  It was not cheap.  But the outcome is outstanding based on a 20 mile test drive.
    Summary of work done:
    MSD Optispark distributor, MSD coil, MSD Super Conductor 8.5 mm plug wires, ACDelco water pump (new, not reman and I added a fitting and drain hose for the weep hole) and thermostat, ACDelco double platinum plugs, super flushed the cooling system before beginning, removed and cleaned out the reservoir, replaced almost all the vacuum hoses, some out of need, some as insurance, bypassed the throttle body (no more coolant through it)
    The plugs were animals.  All except 3 were puzzles.  The plug wires were custom fit.  There was no way those fat wires were gonna run where the factory ones did.  I was leery of the crimping involved but the tool they give you works well.  Made a harness for each side, threaded it into place, installed/fabricated wire looms and then marked the length at each plug with a sharpie.  Pulled them out and started cutting and crimping.  Came out pretty nice.
    I test fired it with no water or air injection pump to make sure it was good before adding coolant etc.  It scared me when it didn't fire.  Then I realized it had no temp sensor so was not getting the rich shot of fuel as it normally would on a cold start (I remember when all that sensor did was turn on an idiot light!).  Hit it with some starting fluid and it fired up.  I turned out the garage lights and looked it over for arcing, above and below.  Everything was nice and dark!
    Finished putting it together today, no leaks, no skipping, no rich smelling exhaust.  Took it for a ride and it runs like a bear.  Really pleased with the distributor.  You can feel it hitting right on the mark, especially at higher rpms.  The car never felt like that, even 7 years ago when I bought it.
    So I'm smilin' OldCadTech.
    Thanks for all your help on this.  You guys are really indispensable.
    I will do a detailed write up of what was done and all the crazy stuff anyone else that does this on this particular car will run into.  There are a few oddities that are not encountered on other cars with the same engine based on what I saw as I prepped for this undertaking.  I will do that and set up a logical stream of pictures (gonna entail a lot of file shrinking).  Should I post that here when ready or is there a better place for them?
    Thanks again.  Mission accomplished +!
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in Seriously pulling my hair out. Dead battery   
    I've seen these self help video for parasitic battery drain; this one is the best one so far.  
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in Seriously pulling my hair out. Dead battery   
    watch this video on voltage drop, this is where I would start.  
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in Premature wear of timing chain 08 Cadillac CTS, 129,000 miles   
    That seems really excessive.  Its a FWD configuration.  Here is a video by Cloyes
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in Northstar 4.6l V8 overheating need advice   
    I disagree with CaddyDaddy1999's statement that manufacturers plan for the cars to breakdown.  I do think they pay too much attention to planned obsolescence because its the 2nd and 3rd owners that buy the cars that will eventually be new car buyers.  If the cars last 100,000 miles and are a PIA to subsequent owners, you will never sell new cars to them.
    That the 99 Cadillac above had 31,000 miles meant absolutely NOTHING.  How often was the coolant changed?, was it changed at all?   For that matter, 99 was a problematic year in itself, this car could have been one of the blocks that had an issue.   It was never winter driven, the question is how was it maintained.  Even OIL needs to be changed annually, even if only 50 miles has been driven. 
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Northstar 4.6l V8 overheating need advice   
    One might assume the cost of repairs during the warranty period is designed to be none or minor.  I also note that many maintenance items are now designed to go 100K miles before service (spark plugs, transmission come to mind)
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from rockfangd in My leather seats   
    Yes, and light colors are an extra challenge (and my favorite; I have Cirrus in my XT5).  Kudos to you and thanks for sharing your results and experience and I will be coming back to see how the sealer completes the job.
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    cdgrinci reacted to Jsblkram in Jsblkram   
    Fantastic !!!!!!!
    Replaced alternator with the AC Delco from RockAuto. Battery is charging just fine. Took some time but with the help from u guys it is now back on the road. Many, many thanks for the info to help me figure this out. Thank u !!!!!!!!
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Göran W in Remember me?   
    I did a search and found (I remember this company):  Steele Rubber.  The had the '89 Caviler convertible listed.  Link:
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in Right/Wrong way to recharge AC   
    Deleting the code is the right way.  Jumping the switch is the wrong way, review the factory service manual.  
    In addition, oil is not needed unless a component is replaced, i.e. compressor, drier, etc, the oil is drained out of the component, measured and the same amount of oil added.  Adding too much oil or adding oil willy nilly is not advised.
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in 06 SRX 4.6L HELP!! Backfiring wont rev. only 37k miles   
    I hate to jump in as I am just a shade-tree mechanic but found a video from South Main Auto (does videos on auto problems) and found a NorthStar that had a fuel pressure problem (good pressure but couldn't hold pressure with pump off).  It's a 20 minute video with his diagnosis process.  May or may not be germane, but here it is:   
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    cdgrinci reacted to 98Concours in AC Recharge problem   
    FIXED!  Turns out no system problems at all.  I had the hoses overtightened on the cheapo Harbor Freight gauges (that I've used several times without issue), and that was stopping flow of refrigerant.  Would have never known except I found someone else had this issue with these gauges.  Reset all connections and system took full charge.  Nice and cold air and compressor cycles normally.   Whew!  Thanks again.
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    cdgrinci reacted to Ed Hall in 1987 Deville 4.1 to 4.9 Conversion   
    Here's how the 4.9 engine sits in the car. It runs very smoothly and has tons more power than the HT4100. So far, I'm very pleased with the results and I'm glad that I saved this very well built car from being sent to the crushers and recycled into a Smart car. With only 80k miles on the heart transplant, it should last for a very long time. Also, my homemade exhaust fits like a glove and sounds like some of the more expensive exhaust systems out there. It was easy to do with the engine out.
    I don't know if anyone else is interested in saving an old car like this but if someone is, I would be willing to write something up on how to do this. The job was not difficult but there was someone planning and homework that went into this to make the conversion successful.

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    cdgrinci reacted to Jim27 in Timing Chain Replaced - Special Warranty   
    This post very likely saved me $2,100 for the replacement of a timing chain. I took my 2007 CTS into the shop this morning to check out the engine light that had been on for a few weeks. When the shop called me back and told me I needed a timing chain I took to the internet and came across this site. I called GM and within 15 minutes have an appointment at the local Cadillac dealer next Monday morning for them to again diagnose and replace the timing belt under the special warranty. I am within 5 months of the time frame of the 10 year, 120,000 miles since the car was put into service.
    A big shout out to Logan for posting the link to the Bulletin 11340A which gave me the phone number to Cadillac. Small world, I too am in Franklin TN!
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Cadillac shows photo of its first electric car of the future   
    I was surprised when GM didn't elect Cadillac as the obvious Batttery Electric or hybrid champion from the start.  Knowing that there is some increased cost for early adopters, and technology maturation needed, Cadillac seemed ideal for the role as opposed to Chevrolet & the Volt approach.  That said, as long as gas prices are low in the US, which I believe will stay true over the mid term, trucks or crossovers are out selling cars.  So an electric crossover, if done in a sexy way, can be successful.
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Bruce Nunnally in Cadillac shows photo of its first electric car of the future   
    Moving Cadillac/GM into the future is starting with an EV of crossover styling; this is a major paradigm shift for Cadillac, one which has been traditionally a stoic reflection of the best you could produce as a car.  As it was presented, It looks like a plan, and the execution looks solid but hoping that the new platform will be as versatile as it appears, and that the battery solution works better than anything out there today.  These future electrics, while still being touted as our automotive savior,  will live or die with batteries and how they evolve and how they move forward.  In my opinion, they still need a lot of work; maybe this is the beginning of that work.
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Bruce Nunnally in Cadillac News:2020 Cadillac XT6 Makes Global Debut   
    Day late and a dollar short?  It better be stellar or it is going to find rough going.  JMO
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Bruce Nunnally in HELP WONT START   
    I've had batteries act as yours and sounds like it had a bad cell; at full charge it would seem to be okay, then quickly lose the cell and fail to start vehicle.  I think your start problem will be corrected (with the new battery).
    p.s.  This can even occur with a fairly new battery.  I just had the same (or very similar) problem with a six month old motorcycle battery that just wouldn't hold charge in one of the cells.
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in GM News Feed:GM Statement on its Commitment to U.S. Manufacturing   
    I really don't know what to think about this with what happened in 2007/2008/2009 where they were heavily invested in trucks and suvs when fuel blasted through $4/gallon.  Gas is low now so they chase trucks, suv's and crossovers again?  They have created excitement with their recent offerings and abandon them?  
    This looks suspicious to chase trucks, crossovers and suvs.  Think about what carly fiorina did to HP with bad decisions.  
    And why did they do this? 
    , Oct. 3, 2018.  General Motors appointed a former deputy director of intelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency to its board on Wednesday.
    Jami Miscik is the chief executive and vice chair of Kissinger Associates, a political consulting firm founded by former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. She has held various top roles at the firm since 2009. Before that, she worked at Lehman Brothers and Barclays.
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in Problems with 2005 SRX hard to start after filling up with gas   
    I also had this  happen to my daughters Saturn; it was the EVAP purge valve.
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Marika in 2008 Impala LS flex Fuel Engine Question   
    Yeah, I think it is like a 'fuel sock' in the fuel tank that has a mesh that prevents anything large from making its way to the fuel injectors.  Self cleaning, as long as they contaminations aren't too egregious (in the tank). 
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    cdgrinci reacted to Jan Olsson in Vacation with the V   
    We are going to use the V a lot this summer. I use it as a daily driver, even in wintertime but this will be the first vacation use. First I'm going on a trip with my seven year old daughter (wife has to work) to celebrate my father’s 75th birthday. The celebration will be in a northern part of Sweden so I suppose that trip will be about a thousand miles. The second trip will be with my family down to Germany through Denmark (I'm allergic to ferries or rather against dents and scratches from other cars). We are going to the southern part of Germany (Berchtesgaden) and enjoy the scenery, probably visit the "eagles nest" and of course enjoy the V at speed on the autobahn! Hopefully I can convince my wife to ride on a museum small gage railway in a part called Harz. Very steep grades and tight curves on that railroad and they use ten-coupled steam locomotives, the most powerful in Germany with their 700 bhp. Not a Big-Boy with almost 7000 bhp, but a large power for a narrow gauge railway.
    After that it is probably time for new tires...
    I hope that you guys are enjoying your vacations!
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in Low gas mileage. Why?   
    How did the plugs look when you changed them.  Was the burn good (light tan/crème color); if they were grey, dark grey or blackened that should have given you an idea as to combustion (lean or rich).  Just a thought; ignore, if answered and I missed it.