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    cdgrinci reacted to sonjaab in Storing the Eldorado for winter   
    I have to laugh about the numerous chipmunks i have here!  
    They filled the trunk of my old Buick rat with the chesnuts off of the big tree in my back yard.
    I guess the mothballs or cat didnt work so good!
    I gotta do something with this old girl.
    She runs so good but a rotted engine cradle took her off the road.
    This is my new rat for blizzard season fresh from Fla.

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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in Storing the Eldorado for winter   
    Rockfangd hit the nail on the head.  I'll add that when running the engine to temperature monthly (if you decide to do that), getting up to temp. doesn't just mean the water temp, you need to get the oil temperature to operating temperature to insure the moisture is purged from the engine oil and exhaust system.  Jacking your vehicle can help preventing flat-spotting your tires unless your "getting up to temperature" (previous tip) includes driving your vehicle to accomplish your oil heating/circulating cycle.  Taking your vehicle for a spin (on a picture perfect day) also circulates other fluids that can help maintain lubricity.
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    cdgrinci reacted to rockfangd in Storing the Eldorado for winter   
    I do it every year. At least 1 every year, occasionally 2.
    Best tips.
    Fill gas tank full. Will keep tank clean and prevent moisture. Non ethanol, high octane is all I run period
    Put fuel treatment in the tank for how many gallons it takes.
    I do not disconnect the battery. I put a trickle tender on them all winter. Keeps battery warm and maintained.
    Leave the car sitting normally. Not on jacks, ramps, etc...
    I highly recommend running it to temp at least once a month. Helps to keep the oil from completely running down, keep things lubricated and moving. 
    Running up to temp also helps to prevent moisture in the exhaust after shutdown.
    I get Irish Spring bar soap. 2 in trunk, one on each floor mat, 2 under hood. I open the boxes on both sides, and set.
    Smells great, and have not had a critter in almost 20 years.
    If garage is used and subject to water in certain areas I recommend keeping around the car as dry as possible.
    I personally do not like covers. Have dealt with and without. Still have to wash it either way in the spring.
    I recommend washing, waxing, vacuuming , and possibly shampooing before storage. Nothing like a clean car in the spring. Better for the finish as well.
    I pull all 4 mats and put them in the trunk. I realize I am very picky. I leave a temporary mat on drivers floor for when I have to start or move it
    A commonly missed one is coolant. Check your coolant condition. If coolant condition is not good and or acidic you will likely run into more issues after storage. Acidic coolant seems to cause more damage when sitting than driven.
    I have stored my Seville for the last 10 years and it is just as clean as when  I bought it. Good luck
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    cdgrinci reacted to jvf1095 in Odd Ball Northstar?   
    Hello & thanks for the advice. Attached a picture. Enjoy!

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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in 2020 Cadillac CT4-V or CT5-V?   
    One of his main complaints is the engine sound; well, you're going to get that when you compare a "four" to a "six" cylinder most of the time.   He really likes it though (and so do I).
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in SmokingTire: The Cadillac CT5-V Doesn't Want to Be A Performance Car - One Take   
    I was thinking, that because he wasn't getting engine braking from the downshift, he relied on the brakes more probably heating them up.  
    That wasn't a leisurely drive with lots of turns, and it didn't sound as if the engine was loafing
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in SmokingTire: The Cadillac CT5-V Doesn't Want to Be A Performance Car - One Take   
    He called his canyon pace moderate, I would say:  hardly; if I had to call it, I would say he was going about 9/10ths.  I'm thinking, the Caddy did real good; room for improvement sure, but does the competition really out perform as he alludes.  I'd have one (but wouldn't be driving his pace, much, if at all); certainly not his reckless  on public roads driving.
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    cdgrinci reacted to Cadillac Jim in SmokingTire: The Cadillac CT5-V Doesn't Want to Be A Performance Car - One Take   
    Two takes:  The extreme and long-winded rant about the transmission and RPM range seem more to be about how he expects the engine management to work, as in keeping the RPM range high as needed for a naturally-aspirated car or a small engine, AND, brake smoke does not mean that the brakes are on fire, or even that there is anything wrong.  This is a zero review.
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    cdgrinci reacted to Mikemt68 in 1982 Eldorado alternator fire   
    got the new alternator, pulled the old one out and there was something rattling around int it. Was able to get some of it out it was very brittle plastic. also there was a bracket that is used to tension the belt for the alternator that was turned and wasn't putting tension on the belt. I got everything  back together and it is running great, checked the battery and alternator volts with my dvom and it is charging at 14.6. so I think I got her going. thanks for your replies @BodybyFisher if you see anybody having a similar problem send them my way. and I can add pictures of the tensioner.
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Cadillac Lyriq Reveal   
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Cadillac Mini Meeting 2020   
    Gloidl writes: Some of my Cadillac friends visited me for a great weekend for a small get together. The program included a car swap between my friend Ingo who had bought my former 1966 Coupe deVille a couple of years ago, and my friend Georg, who traded a spectacular 67 Eldorado, which he had bought from my friend Joe, for it. We visited the fantastic garages of the members of the Cadillac BIG Meet organization team on Friday. On Saturday July 4th we took a driving tour around 4 lakes in my area and much to my surprise the evening ended with a surprise birthday party for my myself with my friends! I enjoyed the weekend throughly and its great to know that I have such amazing friends! Thanks for everything! more info on http://www.eldorado-seville.com
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in 2001 Seville STS key fob not working when hot outside?   
    I thought about you today, I went to LI Hardware for plumbing parts and took a look at the keyfobs they sell for you.  They are made by Duracell oddly enough.  And here is the website!   I hope this helps you
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Cadillac’s Magnificent V-16 Engine: History, Photos, Specifications   
    For a halo car, sales were surprisingly strong. Cars were in dealerships by the spring of 1930, and in the first two months of sale the V-16 cars accounted for some 20 percent of Cadillac's sales, far more than GM expected. But the Great Depression was taking hold, and the introduction of the 135-hp V-12 engine in 1931, fitted to a smaller chassis, impacted V-16 sales. Cadillac sold 2,887 V-16 cars for 1930, but only 750 in 1931, more than half of which were leftover 1930s—only 364 V-16s were produced in 1931. 
    Read more: https://www.automobilemag.com/news/cadillac-v-16-engine-history-photos-specifications/
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in 1962 Cadillac DeVille Convertible Drive anywhere with confidence   
    The 61/62 has beautiful lines
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in 2021 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing spied   
    These latest spy shots reveal a couple of other new developments. For one, we get a really great look at the wheel and tire package on the car.  It gets 305-section-width tires in back and 275-section-width rubber in front. The wide, staggered setup is no surprise considering that this car will very likely put out more than 640 horsepower.  No Hood scoop.
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Bruce Nunnally in WHY DID YOU DO THIS, CADILLAC?! Lets try to Understand the 2020 Cadillac CT5 - Deep Dive 20-03   
    The biggest transgression Cadillac has made is the deceiving nomenclature to their engine/model descriptors (if you were at all aware of the predecessor).  And if you thinking the naming is confusing, try to go to the "Build and Price" feature on the Cadillac website and try to figure out which package(s) you need/want, because configuring is a nightmare in my opinion.  So many options are embedded in nebulous packages and some combinations just don't exist (without ordering the full monte) that  I found it cumbersome.  On a whole though I do like the vehicle, but as the video said; pretty darn confusing.
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in Cadillac’s Giant 4-Cylinder Engine Has A New Dual Volute Turbo   
    I'm guessing hwy mileage suffers in the Silverado because of the lack of aerodynamics as speed increases.  Turbos can be efficient but only when they aren't called on (too much) for that extra needed power (kind of like a four barrel carburetor of old; efficient when power isn't needed but the extra power is available when the back two barrels kick in; my analogy to the turbo is the boost not used unless needed).  At hwy speeds, I'm guessing that the 2.7 turbo is relying on boost to run at speed.  The CT4 cuts a much better air path so it works much better at hwy.  Well, that's my take on those numbers anyway.
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Bruce Nunnally in What if? Cadillac Escalade Commercial, 1959   
    It does have that Suburban'esk look to it; Caddy front and Caddy rear but perhaps a little ahead of its time (or would it have been...…. ponder, ponder).
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in Cruise control in Cadillac   
    I have a set of air shocks that may fit your car. I have had them for a couple of years, I bought them and for some reason they didnt fit my friends Seville.  Here is the part # and Cadillacs it fits.  Please confirm that this AC DELCO part will fit your car and if it does we can work out a price and how I can ship them to you, if you would like them.   They were $125, you can have them for $50US plus shipping.  They come with new air tubing and fittings.
    You are hitting hard because the air shocks raise the rear of the car to proper ride height.  The suspension is probably bottoming out.
    However, please determine that your ride height compressor is working.   When you turn the key on, first you will hear the fuel pump cycle for about 3 seconds and then the compressor will cycle and turn off.  It is possible that it was disconnected when the standard shocks were installed.  Check that the fuse is in place and connector connected if you don't hear it cycle.  Also look around the left rear (I think) for a level sensor and be sure its arm is attached to the suspension.
    Report any codes related to the leveling system here.
    I have them in storage, if you are interested, Ill get them out and take photos. 

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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in What if? Cadillac Escalade Commercial, 1959   
    Abimelec Arellano   Design study I did to answer the question What if Cadillac made the Escalade back in 1959. Used Blender, Keyshot, Premiere and Photoshop.
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in 2020 Cadillac CT4-V & CT5-V In Depth Comparison - Blackwing Supercharged V8 Manual?! YES!   
    A review of upcoming Vs because they could not actually drive the cars.
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in Yes! Our 1964 Cadillac Eldorado Rebuilt Engine is in!   
    I loved the 429 my parents and I had 4 of them.  
    I did not know that the 390 was used for half the year, but now I know why the Hydromatic was used for half the year, it was most likely paired with the 390, and the Turbo-Hydromatic with the 429.  This was the year they stopped the PNDLR configuration and went to the PRNDL shift pattern.   I rebuilt a 429 during the summer of 1974 while working a summer job at Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock as a mechanic and did it on the ground on my back.  It was a 66 Coupe Conv and I drove it back to college.   I look at all of the room in that engine bay and remember how easy they were to work on.  
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Cadillac Celestiq   
    Roughly previewed by the smaller Escala concept, the Celestiq will be a loooong four-door with a hatchback like an Audi A7 (rather than a trunk like a Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class) for the full four-door coupe effect. Built on GM's new BEV3 electric vehicle architecture, the fully electric sedan will hide its batteries under the floor and could be built with anywhere from one to three electric motors. Given its class and price, we expect it to come standard with the largest battery pack and more powerful motors in GM's toolkit, giving it the longest range and highest performance possible. Fast charging at 800 volts will allow it to be rapidly topped up at public stations.
    I wonder if we will see 3 motors 1K torque and $225K
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Bruce Nunnally in 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Dealer Launch Package   
    A flash to the past, and not too past at that.  These '90's models were perhaps the last gasp of the very softly sprung traditional Cadillac buyer.  In '93 I had no means of acquiring one of these beauties as it was family time for the most part (station wagons and mini-vans) but my Dad had a couple of Caddy's that I got to drive, and even though very cushy, they handled better than most give them credit for (and power was good to great in any event).  Cadillac starting making their move into the modern renditions with arguably the '05 STS but the '93 represented here, still represented the Mark admirably though Cadillac was starting to slip in the sales war.  JMO and conjecture.
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