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    cdgrinci reacted to Dave42 in START OF NEW HOTROD 2002 SEVILLE BUILD   
    I am about to start on a rebuild of my Seville STS.
    The items to be done or redone are as follows.
    I have an extreme stress job all mental so build the next two cars is my physical release of stress.
    To start with I have a blown gasket and a collapsed lifter. My spouse continued to drive the car and cracked the transmission cooler in the radiator flooding the engine with trans fluid and the trans with coolant. So pretty much toast.
    I have previously upgraded the brakes with Stage III Power Stop rotors and pads works nice but after sitting they require resurfacing. I will be making a polisher to do this as in my home state service providers are afraid of recutting rotors especially when they are drilled. Back in the 1980s I worked for GM as a DCS tech and forensic specialist out of Corvette Action Center and PRO. We had severe issues in Florida with the early Lumina brake systems warping rotors and chattering I designed a KentMoore tool similar to the Jaguar inboard brake resurfacer it uses #m polishing pads rather than cutting bits to resurface the rotors on the car. Pretty simple device bolts to the brake caliper mounting flange  and uses air motor right angle grinders with spirolock pads.
    I have a couple of body issues one is the drivers side back door welt is rusting through under the welt so I will document how to do a simple resign repair, not bondo but epoxy.
    The roof channels have leaked on the electric top since I bought the car new. I am removing the electric roof completely and replacing with a simple after market sun roof with lift out panel. I will be trimming the interior to fit with factory styling.
    Because of the roof leak I have several issues in the interior one is a pretty bad case of mildew. Having restored flood damaged cars in the past I intend to use a Ozone generator to bleach the whole interior for several days. The factory material will be placed with flocked marine canvas and composite leather cloth. I found a great manual shoe stitching machine on Amazon that does a great job at sewing leather. I converted a L91 Caprice police car to a G body Fleetwood interior a few years ago was my main driver for 8 years. The interior stuff is always fun because GM tried to provide common tooling for many of it's vehicles and most mountings are common across many car lines. Not really happy with the Dash on this model I will be building a custom gauge cluster and navigation center using standard desktop PC components and linux open source software.
    The seats are functional but need leather replacement and due to my illness my back has a tendency to tweek on hard turns so I will be setting a pair of racing buckets into the build. If people need seat parts I will have two working units available.
    Since the roof leak was mainly in the drivers side A pillar the electrical seems to have been damaged so not bothering to repair it I will be replacing the whole thing with a new custom harness.
    The suspension was upgrade a few years ago with all new urethane bushings and aftermarket shock absorbers with level ride maintained I will document that process for the build as I will be removing the factory magnaride completely and replacing with a simple arduino based controller. This model of seville squatted nicely when over 90MPH and the ride stiffened greatly the after market struts have air ride built in and are actually stiffer so I have in mind a air valve control that will squat the car and keep it stiff all the time. 
    The engine carriage mounts have already been up graded to urethane and HDPE I will document the process of making the mounts it is actually pretty simple.
    I paid someone to replace the transmission when I became ill thinking that I would bounce back quicker than I have so I will be building the jack and stand system to drop the carrier without the over head lift. Once the front body work is removed from these chassis they easy to work on. Many struggle needlessly to avoid dropping the carrier. A couple of weld up scissor stands and a porta power will get the car 36 inches off the ground lifted from the body welts on the sides. The carrier comes out as you lift the body with a weld up dolly it takes about 2 hours to pull the whole assembly.
    The transmission is a simple bent version of a 4L80E same parts mostly with a heavy chain. The differential will be upgraded to a mini locker like the ones used in the 7 5/8 rear of any GM they cost about $250 it makes some noise when making sharp turns but for HotRod use it stops the crazy unpredictable torque steer when accelerating hard. The week point on these transmissions is the 3-4 apply band and housing the after market has case repair kits for the GMC K series trucks that work in this trans. Another company TCI makes an upgrade kit for sprags and drums clutches and all for the 4L80E that works in this trans. I have not seen a decent High Capacity oil pan for this so I may need to weld one up. The front pump is essentially the same as a 4L80E so I will pick up a stahl convertor once I figure my torque peek.
    My engine has suffered the dreaded over heat than code 300 sporadic miss for years WOT usually cleared it out but after the last run it has an audible noise that matches the miss. Compression is good so I think it is probably a collapsed hydraulic cam adjuster. If it is a core shift in the head I will be documenting how to weld the bore and rebore a new. I am also planning on putting a turbo on this build or maybe a M122 eaton I have to get and accurate pattern for the difference between the XLR heads and the STS heads if there is a difference maybe someone hear knows. I will look at machining the adapters if practical if not turbo it will be. I plan to redesign the exhaust manifolds for this car either way the rear one is basically a modified log manifold. So if I go turbo it will be a mandrel bent log style manifold with a scavenging front pie wedge triY setup. 
    The block will be either timesert or I saw a guy who makes larger studs for these engines I will inspect once apart and determine what course to take. As I am going to boost the engine I plan to add piston bottom oil cooling to help prevent lean burn through. Used it on many of my previous builds using diesel engine main bearing squirter inserts it works nicely.
    As I am boosting and planning on running at Higher RPM I will be looking at methods to stabilize the lower block main caps I can machine steel 4-6 bolt caps or simply girdle the whole bottom of the block I have to look at the webbing in the casting to determine whats needed.
    The pistons are pretty good in these motors is the originals still look good I will lighten them up and plate the tops with nickel the skirts will be coated with Tungsten Disulfide as I have about 4 Kilos of the stuff in my one blasting cabinet. I may select some after market rods once I get some accurate dimensions for them PCE in Australia has a bunch of nice H-beam rods that I have modified for strange builds in the past.
    As for the electronics I will be using my own fuel management system I have a couple of threads on other forums covering the fuel systems I have built.
    My Goal is to produce about 750 crankshaft HP dropping the car down into the 12 second realm. With a mild street presence.
    To do so either the M122 or turbo intake manifold will change so I may lower the engine in the cradle or put a cowl on the hood.
    It will be a fun build I will keep lots of photos and probably some how to videos.
    I figure about twenty or so commercial products will come out of this build so it will get rid of my aggression and please the wife on Total cost involved.
    This is my 50th year of Heavy automotive engineering and actually still love building hotrods.
    Also this is my 17th Cadillac Hotrod starting out with a 472 powered 1972 Chevy Impala with a complete funeral car Caribou interior and trim transplant. Tubbed rear wheels before they became cool. My favorites are the 9 Cadillac Cameros for racing. The guys called the Cadillac motors boat anchors but they started out over 300Hp and with shipyard blowers hit 700-900 easily.
    Look forward to having some fun.
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    cdgrinci reacted to rockfangd in 1996 Cadillac Deville Crank No Start   
    Welcome to CaddyInfo.
    Sure sounds like a fuel pump issue.
    Have someone cycle the key on and listen to the pump. Should run for 3 seconds when key is cycled on. Do not mistake the Air ride compressor which comes on after the pump.
    If pump sounds weak or funny tap on the tank and watch the gauge. 
    You may likely have a burnt pigtail to the Fuel pump module which is why it stalled out. And why the fuel pressure only went to 10. When the pump comes on the connection heats up and is lost.
    38-42 psi should be good. Should hold for a short while
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    cdgrinci reacted to rockfangd in 96 Cadillac Deville Overheating, blowing white smoke out of tail pipe   
    With the coolant full, start the engine with the tank cap removed. If air and smoke continually purge from the surge tank  I am going to assume you have a head failure.
    Did this happen suddenly, or occur gradually over time?
    Does exhaust smell sweet? Does coolant smell like exhaust?
    Sorry for so many questions but specific questions narrow down things quicker
    If what you describe is accurate it sounds like it is severe. Love the 96. Still my favorite year
    Welcome To CaddyInfo. 
    How long have you owned it? 
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Lyriq uses Lighting to Engage Your Senses   
    Transportation range, comfort, and amazing acceleration; I am not sure that Cadillac totally gets that part of the allure of the Tesla's is how quick they are.
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Bruce Nunnally in Lyriq uses Lighting to Engage Your Senses   
    This is a little too much kumbaya (for me); how about some 'show stopping' electric range.  I see where they are going, but 'transportation' should be apex.
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Bruce Nunnally in 2021 Cadillac XT4 350T: The Cute Cadillac Crossover   
    Pretty good review, nice vehicle (would have liked a mention of MSRP); but overall, fine.
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Low battery ; service side-alert system   
    installed the new battery from RockAuto in the ATS-V Trunk today.

    Battery in the left side of trunk, under a hatch (too small to pull battery out of).

    Battery with rear trim piece removed, and side trim piece displaced to allow access.
    There is a bottom retainer, a top brace, two vent tubes to address, (one for vent one plugged).

    The battery the dealer put in previously (top) does not match the new one; it was a 48AGM but says it has 700 CCA where new one says 770 CCA.
    Otherwise I would have just expected OEM battery vs retail battery differences.

    New battery in place except top brace.
    No problem with radio resetting or anything else not working after battery change.    Hopefully this one will have a long and charged life.

    Side trim has 2 retainers to remove to displace enough to access battery.  Ideal would have been a battery hatch large enough to pull battery out of.

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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Early Overhead Valve Cadillac V8 Engines - Hot Rod Engines 101   
    One of the most popular engine swaps for early hot rodding has to be the early Cadillac OHV engines. The 331 was first released in 1949 and was used in hot rods almost immediately. The first generation of engines are almost identical and a vast majority of the parts swap between. Cadillac's were known for making good power and torque stock and were quite smooth running engines. 
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from Bruce Nunnally in Making The 2022 Cadillac Lyriq EV - We Chat With Its Chief Engineer: Jamie Brewer   
    Pretty good interview (I learned some stuff).  I almost aborted when the interviewer spent almost 10 minutes on sounds and noise, and while certainly important, I don't think this was an apex question on a brand new car.  And on this, the interviewer supplied too much commentary prior to finally getting to asking the question (almost showing-off) on how much she knew.  Kudo's to to Jamie Brewer, Chief Engineer as being as transparent as she was allowed to be.  And her comments at the end, defining her work and status as a female engineer in the automotive field were spot on (saying she held parity with all the engineers and represented as the best engineer she could be and leaving gender aside).
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Making The 2022 Cadillac Lyriq EV - We Chat With Its Chief Engineer: Jamie Brewer   
    For this holiday season, we're adding a few more interviews to that list in the coming week or two, and today we're starting with Jamie Brewer, Chief Engineer for the upcoming 2022 Cadillac Lyriq EV. We chat about her past career before the Lyriq EV, examine some of the design and engineering decisions that were made ahead of the Lyriq EV's reveal, examine some of the advantages of General Motor's new Ultium battery system, and discuss the path from prototype to finished vehicle.
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    cdgrinci reacted to BostonETC97 in 2001 Eldorado - Electrical Hiccups, possibly faulty ground. Theft System / Airbag / Traction Control lights.   
    Final update! The dealer turned out to be the best decision I made. The service manager and a couple of his techs were incredibly happy to see this car, and were around 'back in the day' when these were a bit more common. I told them about the shorted left cooling fan motor, and after a couple hours of cleaning contacts, determining that the harnesses were OK, they discovered that the fan itself had a severe internal short, and whenever the PCM would call on the fan to activate, it would short out and throw voltage around, causing my havoc. Now makes sense why the car would cold-start perfectly fine, but once warmed up, the fan would activate, and cause trouble. Also explains the intermittent nature of the problem. Once they had the fan disconnected, the PCM, Theft System, ABS, Airbag, PZM, etc etc problems were gone. We got lucky no modules were cooked, and the wiring harness survived. New fan is on order, and they want to spend a little time cleaning up the grounds by the engine and ABS module.
    I really thought this was the end of the road for this car, but I'm thrilled I get to keep her a little while longer! Only 80k miles on it, so I'll keep driving!
    Thank you all for the help - great forum here!
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    cdgrinci reacted to sonjaab in Storing the Eldorado for winter   
    I have to laugh about the numerous chipmunks i have here!  
    They filled the trunk of my old Buick rat with the chesnuts off of the big tree in my back yard.
    I guess the mothballs or cat didnt work so good!
    I gotta do something with this old girl.
    She runs so good but a rotted engine cradle took her off the road.
    This is my new rat for blizzard season fresh from Fla.

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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in Storing the Eldorado for winter   
    Rockfangd hit the nail on the head.  I'll add that when running the engine to temperature monthly (if you decide to do that), getting up to temp. doesn't just mean the water temp, you need to get the oil temperature to operating temperature to insure the moisture is purged from the engine oil and exhaust system.  Jacking your vehicle can help preventing flat-spotting your tires unless your "getting up to temperature" (previous tip) includes driving your vehicle to accomplish your oil heating/circulating cycle.  Taking your vehicle for a spin (on a picture perfect day) also circulates other fluids that can help maintain lubricity.
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    cdgrinci reacted to rockfangd in Storing the Eldorado for winter   
    I do it every year. At least 1 every year, occasionally 2.
    Best tips.
    Fill gas tank full. Will keep tank clean and prevent moisture. Non ethanol, high octane is all I run period
    Put fuel treatment in the tank for how many gallons it takes.
    I do not disconnect the battery. I put a trickle tender on them all winter. Keeps battery warm and maintained.
    Leave the car sitting normally. Not on jacks, ramps, etc...
    I highly recommend running it to temp at least once a month. Helps to keep the oil from completely running down, keep things lubricated and moving. 
    Running up to temp also helps to prevent moisture in the exhaust after shutdown.
    I get Irish Spring bar soap. 2 in trunk, one on each floor mat, 2 under hood. I open the boxes on both sides, and set.
    Smells great, and have not had a critter in almost 20 years.
    If garage is used and subject to water in certain areas I recommend keeping around the car as dry as possible.
    I personally do not like covers. Have dealt with and without. Still have to wash it either way in the spring.
    I recommend washing, waxing, vacuuming , and possibly shampooing before storage. Nothing like a clean car in the spring. Better for the finish as well.
    I pull all 4 mats and put them in the trunk. I realize I am very picky. I leave a temporary mat on drivers floor for when I have to start or move it
    A commonly missed one is coolant. Check your coolant condition. If coolant condition is not good and or acidic you will likely run into more issues after storage. Acidic coolant seems to cause more damage when sitting than driven.
    I have stored my Seville for the last 10 years and it is just as clean as when  I bought it. Good luck
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    cdgrinci reacted to jvf1095 in Odd Ball Northstar?   
    Hello & thanks for the advice. Attached a picture. Enjoy!

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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in 2020 Cadillac CT4-V or CT5-V?   
    One of his main complaints is the engine sound; well, you're going to get that when you compare a "four" to a "six" cylinder most of the time.   He really likes it though (and so do I).
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in SmokingTire: The Cadillac CT5-V Doesn't Want to Be A Performance Car - One Take   
    I was thinking, that because he wasn't getting engine braking from the downshift, he relied on the brakes more probably heating them up.  
    That wasn't a leisurely drive with lots of turns, and it didn't sound as if the engine was loafing
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    cdgrinci got a reaction from BodybyFisher in SmokingTire: The Cadillac CT5-V Doesn't Want to Be A Performance Car - One Take   
    He called his canyon pace moderate, I would say:  hardly; if I had to call it, I would say he was going about 9/10ths.  I'm thinking, the Caddy did real good; room for improvement sure, but does the competition really out perform as he alludes.  I'd have one (but wouldn't be driving his pace, much, if at all); certainly not his reckless  on public roads driving.
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    cdgrinci reacted to Cadillac Jim in SmokingTire: The Cadillac CT5-V Doesn't Want to Be A Performance Car - One Take   
    Two takes:  The extreme and long-winded rant about the transmission and RPM range seem more to be about how he expects the engine management to work, as in keeping the RPM range high as needed for a naturally-aspirated car or a small engine, AND, brake smoke does not mean that the brakes are on fire, or even that there is anything wrong.  This is a zero review.
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    cdgrinci reacted to Mikemt68 in 1982 Eldorado alternator fire   
    got the new alternator, pulled the old one out and there was something rattling around int it. Was able to get some of it out it was very brittle plastic. also there was a bracket that is used to tension the belt for the alternator that was turned and wasn't putting tension on the belt. I got everything  back together and it is running great, checked the battery and alternator volts with my dvom and it is charging at 14.6. so I think I got her going. thanks for your replies @BodybyFisher if you see anybody having a similar problem send them my way. and I can add pictures of the tensioner.
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Cadillac Lyriq Reveal   
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Cadillac Mini Meeting 2020   
    Gloidl writes: Some of my Cadillac friends visited me for a great weekend for a small get together. The program included a car swap between my friend Ingo who had bought my former 1966 Coupe deVille a couple of years ago, and my friend Georg, who traded a spectacular 67 Eldorado, which he had bought from my friend Joe, for it. We visited the fantastic garages of the members of the Cadillac BIG Meet organization team on Friday. On Saturday July 4th we took a driving tour around 4 lakes in my area and much to my surprise the evening ended with a surprise birthday party for my myself with my friends! I enjoyed the weekend throughly and its great to know that I have such amazing friends! Thanks for everything! more info on http://www.eldorado-seville.com
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    cdgrinci reacted to BodybyFisher in 2001 Seville STS key fob not working when hot outside?   
    I thought about you today, I went to LI Hardware for plumbing parts and took a look at the keyfobs they sell for you.  They are made by Duracell oddly enough.  And here is the website!   I hope this helps you
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    cdgrinci reacted to Bruce Nunnally in Cadillac’s Magnificent V-16 Engine: History, Photos, Specifications   
    For a halo car, sales were surprisingly strong. Cars were in dealerships by the spring of 1930, and in the first two months of sale the V-16 cars accounted for some 20 percent of Cadillac's sales, far more than GM expected. But the Great Depression was taking hold, and the introduction of the 135-hp V-12 engine in 1931, fitted to a smaller chassis, impacted V-16 sales. Cadillac sold 2,887 V-16 cars for 1930, but only 750 in 1931, more than half of which were leftover 1930s—only 364 V-16s were produced in 1931. 
    Read more: https://www.automobilemag.com/news/cadillac-v-16-engine-history-photos-specifications/
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