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  1. edit:(Sway Bar bushings, sorry I can't figure out how to edit title.) A quick fix for those of you that may be having a hard time finding these for a reasonable price. I made a shim out of alumabronze. First turn a piece of material on a lathe 2" long with an O.D. of 2.00" and an I.D. of 1.650". Now cut in half to make two 'C' shaped pieces. Cut about another 1/4 of material off edge. Belt sand off burrs. Undo the two bolts holding down original rubber bushing cap. Put some lube between the bar and rubber. Slip your new shim between the cap and the rubber (no lube), and re-tighten bolts. Works great. I am not a mechanic (machinist) so do at your own risk, but I can't see how just compressing the rubber a bit more would be harmful. I love the way she rides now, it is amazing how a couple of worn pieces of rubber can cause so much aggravation. Thanks to everyone else for their tips I have used a few.
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