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  1. My friend/neighbor worked at a gm dealer and has done the rebuilds on starters and alternators. Where would I get the parts? The engine is out of the car but before I was comfortable to pull the engine I removed the water crossover in the car to get the wiring harness out of the way and insure all wires were disconected before I started yanking on the water. Since I was pulling the engine out the top there wasn't any instructions on how to do this so I just stripped what looked to me like I wanted to get out of the way. The studs do not need lubricant. The hub to brake rotor and rim conta
  2. I was talking to a couple old car friends of mine and was sugested to rebuild my starter motor while its out (Well change the brushes?) How hard is that with these style starters, is it worth it? I know everytime we had a starter go in any of our cars we just replaced them. The starter seems like its in an easy spot to get to. I didn't try pulling it off while the water crossover was on but that coolant crossover is shure a project to remove no clearance between the trans. I really want to stop adding things to replace to the list haha already over $1,100. My rear brakes have managed to
  3. It looked to me that both front cylinders on both right and left bank had the worst of the leak I have pictures of the head gasket it was all black and discollored on that side between the cylinder and water jacket. The rear bank was the worst. I wasn:t able to confirm the witch cylinder was leaking the worst because the intake valves were bleading off so much I wasn't getting pressure readings to speak of. There was some excess carbon on them and I was getting blead down percentages as high as 88% cold. Yes I cranked the, otor over to the propper position and cranked it throughout its cyc
  4. Before you dump any more money in this I will go all in and bet that you have a leaking head gasket. overpreshurizes your water system. (Gets better temporarily when you put the 18 lb pressure cap.) you loose cabin heat due to the instant head of superheated gasses from the combustion chamber. I been through this driving my car like this for 7 months. I replaced everything it just gets worse and worse. Yes when I overheated teh radiator actually never got hot leading toward something in teh coolant system being clogged or malfuntioning. New radiator thermostat. holes in the thermostat.
  5. Yea but the gas milage wouldn't be that great being if I do it I would take the easy way and prob get a 4 berrel carb on there with some parts from chrfrab.com they sell intake manifolds, ignitions, and bell housings to fit these motors into sand cars, and hot rods its becoming a popular engine of choice. The engine just does not have the years of development with aftermarket parts as the 350 does but if given the oportunity it has more potential for the ci. They are pushing over 750 hp out of the older 1999 northstars. They claim my 2000 head doesn't have as much potential. But as far as
  6. I have mailed 4cylinder ninja motors to niagra ny but that is much bigger haha. We used yellow freight or E trucking. And put the engine in a big plastic container from home depot and through it on a half or full pallet with ratchet strapps it cost around $115 to ship. I've got a business that I can have it shipped to and I had a guy give me an engine he thought was a 350 for free. Wrestled it into the back of an xterra to bring it home. Dropped it under my deck used a hoist to get it on an engine stand and dragged it to the garage to flip it over and find its a 305. I shoulda checked the
  7. I want to here your guys oppinion on what something like this is worth. http://www.ebay.com/itm/330498990666?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 2000 cadillac northstar still on subframe with trans and accesories attatched and ECU. 100,222 miles with rack, abs brake box full exhaust to cat not stripped at all. Its listed $750 but idk how much freight would be from IL to NJ Should I try to get it for $500 maby? Id like to service the engine with head studs and transmission while I am at it slowly to find a doner car, spare for my car, part/sell it out, swap the norths
  8. Thanks guys I actually just bought both of those that you gave me the links to KHE. Thanks And Mike we should have hooked up earlier before we ordered the install kit we coulda worked something out to save a couple hundred $. (Might not be to late if you want to call to check up on your order you can downsize to just the studs.)
  9. I was gonna get 2 while I was at it for any future projects or anything else. Is it ok to save for a few days and use again if capped right? I need it for the bottom end block sealing, and main seal. What about the oil manifold and the oil pan? Does the timing cover gasket use that same sealant? I found a kent-moore for $263. I don't have acess to ebay at school so I will look more later. Thanks for the Info
  10. Ok I did find a listing for the GM sealant. I got in touch with Jake today talking to his new receptionist asked about my stud kit and said don't lie to me because if it didn't get mailed out yet I would like to add an oil manifold to the order to be mailed out (He sells them for $74) I also asked if they had the gm stuff. If not I am gonna order 2 tubes off the internet for $11.25 each I forgot where I found them earlier today but know I can find them again just waiting on jake first.. maby. I messaged a guy on ebay selling the valve lash adjusters for $6 each so I was gonna get a set o
  11. Heads are off cylinders look just amazing completly smoth and still have the thash marks from the factory. I decided not to touch the rings, or bearings. I did find and order a complete upper and lower gasket kit on Ebay for $155.35 shipped. Ebay gasket kit The head gaskets were blown. Complete corroded rusted out. Both cylinders apeared to be blown between the front cylinders and the cam chains going to the water jacket. The rear cylinder head was the worst of the 2. Only one of the head bolts came off and took any threads to my surprise so pulled head bolts ended up not being the c
  12. wow looks great. Very similar to the 2000 I have but yours is in better shape. I don't have that brace going from one strut tower to the other over the engine I wounder if they stiffened the frame some other way in 2000 or I could be missing that piece.. I did buy my car used an the guys I bought it from is an idiot.
  13. WHen I had an engine misfire my computer never told me what cylinder it was on the onboard diagnostics. even though i am talking about my northstar the same concept should apply. In my case the engine was shaking and clearly down one or 2 cylinders. I then while it was running pulled fuel injector wires off one at a time. If the engine shook worse I put it back on and checked the next one. The one I pulled off that did not change how the engine was running at all was the cylinder that was down. Shut the engine off but At this time I still didn't know if it was my fuel injector, plug, or c
  14. home made Spart plug adapter with crewchiefs leak down tester. Tested engine and with all valves closed and engine cranked over and tested at different points cylinders were leaking down between 50-80%!!!! Mostly through the intake valves (Built up carbon) I know the engine is cold and this would have inproved if checked after it was running and warmed up but still very very bad leak down numbers. From what Ive heard in the race motors depending on the type of rings acceptable is between 8-25% when the engine is cold and 3-12% when the engine is hot. You can hear, feal, the air out of the
  15. Cadillac in and on the lift... Large shelfs stick out to far and cadi is to long to be picked straight up safely pluss I needed room to swing the engine out. Swung the arms of the lift under grabbing the jack lift points on the front 2 corners I did put jack stands under the subframe and lowered the car onto them before getting under the car at all. 3 weejs ago End of day 1 after 3 hours of work end of day 2 after another 3 hours of work the following day. About 12 more hours and 3 more days later the engine was out and sitting next to my friends 305 sprint engine (450hp on metheno
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