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  1. New switch did the trick. Interesting that a defective driver's side switch disabled the passenger side swith....oh who designs this stuff anyways...
  2. BbF.... Looked again for my old tester but couldn't find it so I bought a semi Top Shelf Craftsman. Digital with an ohm "horn", battery strength, rubber bumper, and 90 degree leads so ya don't waste them when it flips over. $25. Confirmed that it is indeed the driver's side switch, and even after soaking in alcohol etc, it still didn't test out on the passenger side. Ordered another Dorman from NAPA. I say another because I replaced it about 2 years ago when the original equipment one went south. Should be here in a week to 10 days. Anyways....appreciate you being here and if I ever get a find 83 wiring diagram on the net, I will definately post a link....btw, there are sites that offer on-line manuals for like a $15 membership fee where you can access just about every shop manual ever printed. anyways.....I'll get back to you after the switch gets here to let ya know the outcome. mark
  3. Thanks for the link and yea, buying a manual is an option. Thing is, I don't even do my own oil changes anymore so an entire manual is a bit of an overkill. While a window motor would be a hassle, it is basically sit down work that this tired old body of mine could handle. My main reason for asking the question in the first place is that I wanted to know if the motor still worked. It does, and I seriously doubt it is a wiring rather than switch problem. And yea, it's amazing what a little alcohol can do for a switch. Do appreciate your effort. Thanks again.
  4. Cool....got it up....ran a hot wire directly in to the red wire terminal, pushed the switch, and up it went. Guess it means the crossover stuff isn't working cause the driver's side button for that window doesn't work either. Best guess is the driver's side switch stuff needs replacing.
  5. Thanks....if not I'll muddle thru. The connector has 5 wires on it. The red one is obviously the hot. Guessing that 2 come from the driver's side switch, and 2 go down to the motor. As old as the car is, if I tear the door panel off it will destroy the plastic holders as happened on the drivers side last year. Door panels are simply not designed to be removed. For that matter, window motors are not designed to be replaced either. Prior to actually pulling the panel if I can't get it to operate, hopefully I can get a rod to slide in to contact with the motor and/or assembly, smack the end with a hammer, and jar the motor off the dead spot to at least get it back up. Would much rather do that than destroy the interior of a car that spent it's first 24 years as a garaged snowbird vacation vehicle in small town Nevada. Dang thing has all of 135K on it and considering it's age, it's still one of the prettiest cars on the block. Probably one of the most reliable too. And of course, buying a shop manual is always an option but....anyways, thanks again....mark
  6. It's not the hot side I'm looking for. I need to know which wires control the motor and don't have an ohm meter available to check the switch legs.
  7. Having trouble with 83 ElDorado passenger side window. It does not operate from either door switch. Specifcally, what colors on the passenger side connector are the "up" and "down" wires so I can at least run a hot leg to try to get it back up? Appreciate any help I can get as I *do not* want to take the door apart if at all possible, and prefer not to simply buy new switches prior to knowing if the motor still works. Sure hope I got this in the right forum thanks mark
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