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  1. This happened in my 95 sts awhile back ago was very annoying but their is a diode in the column that will cause it as well. I had changed it and fixed the problem for about a month and a half after it continuously happening every time id try to start my car and sometime waiting 30 mins in the blazing heat. It seems that something was making the diode go "bad" and cause it to happen again but every time i changed it the problem diapered for around the same amount of time Hope this helps I got tired of it and didn't bother to fix it permanently, so i traded it in for a 2000 sts
  2. Also just wondering what would be a good sounding exhaust for my car would be Fairly cheap but sound good with high enough quality it would be for a 2000 sts
  3. thanks for all the help and i'll stop in to a couple of places and look for one so i can get max power from the system And ill def be enjoying this site cause i happen to have a new question every week XD
  4. just hooked up both the left and right side so the my amp wasn't runnin half "power" and seems to make some difference i can actually feel bass but ill upgrade sooner or later to a nav system or something
  5. i currently have them hooked through the current sub but it doesn't seem to be pounding as hard as it could be. I had a 95 sts with all aftermarket Deck and speakers and it doesn't even pound as half as hard as they did then. When i was talking to a Best Buy "Specialist" he has said i need to tie into the rear speakers for it to sound its best... And as for the converter its a stinger Sgn12 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41vIS-D6oQL._SL500_AA300_.jpg It has r+ r- and l+ l- and has a optional ground but no power?
  6. i had already tried directly from the door but the subs acted like speakers and not subs.... And from what i know is that it was because i tapped into them after the factory amp and not before. Should that happen? and from what i read from above is that you want me to tap into them at the doors before the amp? and if so do the wires run down the side of the doors so i can pick them up there rather than the back of the HU so i dont need to run the RCA jacks to the back from the HU and instead have everything under the back seat were the battery and fuse box are and all that nonsense
  7. I have a 2000 sts with the bose system in it and am looking for some more kick by adding 1 1200 watt amp and 2 12" mtx subs. I am plaining on keeping the HU stock and keep everything running stock as well I bought a Line out converter witch is where im having troubles. with the converter it says to tie into the back speakers before the amp but am having difficulty locating the wires. i can find them going from the amp to the speakers but not from the HU to the Amp. Does anyone know what colors the wires are from the back of the HU are for the Back left and right speakers that go to the am
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