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  1. Thanks. I am a novice in this area. I wouldn't know the first place to look and check the rear wheel speed sensor. Is there a "How to" information website?
  2. Just came back from mechanic. Could not find error codes. No wheel speed sensor repair needed. I was told that when the "Service Stability System"-ABS and Traction control light come on it's due to electrical problem. I am taking car in to electrical shop later in the week. In the meantime, every time I drive, I must turn off traction control to stop abs/traction control from engaging on it's own. Warning lights still come on. No more pulsating action. What may be the problem?
  3. Should I feel anything when pressing brakes i.e. traction control engaging etc..? I want to ensure I do not have a more serious brake system problem. I do not have a (red) Brake warning.
  4. Cleared codes from(DIC). Then went for a drive. When I began to brake, "Service Suspension System" and "Service Stability System" warning appeared. The ABS/Traction control lights came on as well. When I pressed on the brakes, it felt like the traction was trying to engage? I continued to drive warning lights remained on however when I began to brake I did not feel the feel of traction engaging. Any ideas?
  5. Cleared codes. Went for a drive then when I started to brake, I received "Service Suspension System" and "Service Stability System" warning.
  6. Receive dashboard warning (yellow) then car engages traction control when pressing brakes upon stopping. Warning comes and goes.What could it be? No brake warning signal (red)
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