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  1. Thank you to everyone for the help.....I am installing a new stereo does anyone know where I can get the stereo wiring diagram from or the dash diagram?
  2. Thank you for the help.....I have to wait until Friday to but the new battery so I will let you know how it turns out....I just don't understand why this just happened out of the blue....
  3. Thank you for the help....can you explain why all of a sudden this happened? I would run her atleast every three days or so just so she can run for a little bit....and then all of a sudden this just happened with the battery
  4. So I just bought a 1994 caddy Seville SLS with a Northstar engine.....I tried to start her and the battery was dead so I jumped her and she was fine for the day. I went to work later that day and when I was ready to go home she wouldn't start again....the lights came on but were dull and the window went down half way. my friend came and jumped me and she was fine...I went home and the next afternoon I couldn't get her to start again and this time it took forever to jump her....she kept making a ticking sound when we tried to start her up.....my friend tested the battery and the voltage was low and he said he isn't sure if it's the battery or the starter because of the ticking when I try to start her.....if anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it....