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  1. I have a 93 Eldorado TC, with a 4.6 engine and want to replace the coolent temp sensor. I have read the post for newer Cadillac's, but they don't apply to my engine. Every thing I have read as to the location seems different. some say the sensor is located under (near) the cruise control bracket and others say it's on the passenger side. I have gone possibly beyond what is necessary searching for the thing--even down to removing the cruise control and throttle body but all in vain. I can find nothing on the passenger side that even looks close to even attempt removing things to find it. The only place I haven't looked is under the car. Anyone have this problem and or have found the thing, I would appreciate the help. If it's this hard to find, possibly diagrams as was provided in other post, would help. Thanks Vineyardman
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