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    2002 Seville STS
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    Northstar 4.6L V8 (LD8/L37)

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  1. The RAP (Retained Accessory Power) system should turn off your accessories within 15 minutes after the ignition is turned off. It should power down your accessories immediately if you open a door. Is this an aftermarket radio? the radio is part of the optional navagation with 6disc cd changer. when you open door nav. makes weird sounds,and sounds like ghost whispering on left dash speaker. if you open and close door again it goes off. I am watching for battery drain in case something stays on again. elko mike
  2. I have bought a new battery. the one in the car was the original. the voltage drop is not as bad. it could be something else such as the nav. that makes the voltage drop when door is opened. it makes weird sounds, and I can here radio on only left dash speaker. this is with no key in ignition. car will not be driven much with snow season about here. I will disconnect neg. cable if needed. elko mike
  3. my 2002.5 cadillac seville sts has a bad drain on battery when the door is opened and interior lights are on. volts drop from 12.5 to 11.8 with engine off. if I turn off interior lights at switch and turn them on with door closed there is no drop in volts. battery was dead if sitting for a week with out use. since I turn off lights with switch no problem. I can hear the switch that turns off interior lights behind back seat thanks for any help. elko mike
  4. tony, did you have any issues with the battery draining with your codes? Mike
  5. my 2002.5 seville sts with 27,000 miles, had a dead battery when not driven for a week. battery would not take charge while in car. took battery out and it charged fine. only current code is DDM B 3832-3833. window position senser circuit. put charged battery in car and it did not have any drain for now. elko mike
  6. Scot thanks for the reply. I keep cars for a long time if I like them. I have a 93XR2 mecury capri sports car. I bought this car new. the car was made by ford in australia from 89-94 it was imported to USA 91-94. the car has mazda turbo drivetrain. only has 50,000 runs great. there were many improvements in the 93 model.they quit making them in 94. I hope to have the caddy for many years to come Mike
  7. Hello group, I just bought a 2002 sts fully loaded with 26,000 miles. it is the crimsen red, with 17" crome wheels with original michlins. everything works including nav. this seems like a great car for the 10 grand I gave for it. I would be disapointed for 50 large new. plastic is very cheaply made. you sure get the looks with this car. when I listen to the bose 6cd player it puts me in another world. I also like that leather smell. I have a 2004 buick lesaber for getting around, the caddy is for leaving reality behind. Elko mike
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