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  1. We're sorry to hear that we weren't able to work out a completely satisfactory resolution for you in this situation, DRJAY. Aside from this circumstance, how is everything with the STS? Sarah (Assisting Greg) Cadillac Customer Care
  2. Hello 98deville, I agree with the other community members on this post. I would suggest speaking with your local dealership in regards to the service history that has been performed on this vehicle. Please feel free to private message me if you have any further questions. Thank you very much for your time. Gregory W. Cadillac Customer Care
  3. Hello DRJAY, I apologize that they were not able to clear the previous VIN on the radio. I would like to do some additional research regarding this on your behalf. Could you provide me with your name, contact info, VIN, mileage and dealership you were working with in a private message? Thank you very much for your time.I look forward to hearing from you soon. Gregory W. Cadillac Customer Care
  4. Hi Austin, We're glad to hear that the dealership didn't find any problems with your Cadillac and was able to explain what was going on with your vehicle. It also looks like you've been given some good advice from Texas Jim as well. If there's ever anything you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help. Amber N. (assisting Gregory) Cadillac Customer Care
  5. Hello davedog, Thank you for replying and I will be looking for your message or update on this thread. I hope you’re your recent work solves your concern! Please continue to keep us updated. Thank you very much for your time. Gregory W. Cadillac Customer Care
  6. Hello davedog, I apologize that you are experiencing a reoccurring issue with your Check Engine Light on your CTS. Could you private message me your name, contact info, VIN, mileage and dealership you are working with? I would like to speak with them concerning this situation. Thank you very much for your time. Gregory W. Cadillac Customer Care
  7. Hi Everyone, We would like to introduce ourselves as the new Cadillac Customer Service on the Caddy Info! Yes, we did say “we.” To better address your questions and concerns in a timely manner we will now have 2 individuals as your primarily GM contact on this forum! We look forward to being members of this great community! Sincerely, Laura M. and Greg W.
  8. Now this is a well kept secret. Can this registration be done online? Is it for certain model year cars? Does it also track extended warranty coverage? JohnnyG, Yes, it can all be done online. You’ll have access to warranties, owner’s manuals, possible recall information, service history, maintenance schedule and much more. You can register for free at: My.Cadillac.com If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. Louis (assisting Mathew) Cadillac Customer Service
  9. Congrats on your recent purchase! Let us know if you any product questions or other concerns regarding your '10 SRX. I would also suggest registering your vehicle with the Cadillac Owner Center. This is a GM designed tool for owners to see their warranty and other such information. I hope you enjoy for a long time to come! Matt, Cadillac Customer Assistance http://www.cadillac.com/owners/owners.html
  10. Any remaining warranty would transfer to new owners. Should such a problem arise and is determined that the warranty would be covered, any Certified Cadillac Dealership can perform it. Check out Cadillac Certified for great pre-owned models. Let us know if you other questions. Matt, GM Customer Assistance
  11. Please keep us posted on the radio issue. If you any issues is resolving with the dealership, please do contact us privately. If you send a PM, please include your VIN#, name, situation, dealership, contact information, and mileage. I hope this is resolved quickly for everyone. Matt, GM Customer Assistance
  12. Your concerns are certainly understandable regarding your SRX. Please keep us posted on the issue and consult your dealership for the latest updates. Feel free to contact us privately but please include your VIN#, name, situation, contact information, dealership, and current mileage. We can also check for recalls and other such information. I hope this is resolved quickly for you. Matt, GM Customer Assistance
  13. I did consult an Owner's Manual and found 2 specific passages in relations to matching the key fOB and key. I lofe is goint well. rom 2-11 Matching Transmitter(s) to Your Vehicle Each remote keyless entry transmitter is coded to prevent another transmitter from unlocking your vehicle. If a transmitter is lost or stolen, a replacement can be purchased through your dealer. Remember to bring any remaining transmitters with you when you go to your dealer. When the dealer matches the replacement transmitter to your vehicle, any remaining transmitters must also be matched. Once your dealer has coded the new transmitter, the lost transmitter will not unlock your vehicle. Each vehicle can have only four transmitters matched to it. Since all vehicles come with only two transmitters, you must check with your dealer for information on how to obtain additional transmitters. All transmitters must be present when replacement or additional transmitters are being programmed. From Page 2-21 To program the new key: _ Insert the current driver’s key (black in color) in the ignition and start the engine. If the engine will not start see your dealer for service. _ After the engine has started, turn the key to OFF, and remove the key. _ Insert the key to be programmed and turn it to ON within ten seconds of removing the previous key. _ The SECURITY light will turn off once the key has been programmed. It may not be apparent that the SECURITY light went on due to how quickly the key is programmed. _ Repeat the Steps 1 through 4 if additional keys are to be programmed. Matt, GM Customer Assistnace
  14. Very interesting post to read. I would highly suggest taking any model you're interested out for a test drive. The CTS Wagon would be quite fun to take for a spin. I hope everyone is having a great week! Matt, GM Customer Assistance
  15. it's good to hear you're vehicle is being taken care of. Keep us posted on the post-pick up events and if anything else occurs. I hope all is well! Thank you for the update. Matt, GM Customer Assistance
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