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  1. hi guys I need your help once again I got a Bose cd player off line and installed it had it unlocked but there is no sound coming from the speakers would I just have to install the bose speakers or add am amp or what thanks for any help David
  2. hello everyone im still working on my 99 eldorado and recently decided to put a Bose radio with a CD player in it , well I got it and took it to the Cadillac dealer and they unlocked it for me and everything seems to be working but the audio , there is no audio sound coming from the speakers ,now I did not change the speakers the are the delco speakers that came with the car which are not Bose speakers I know the Bose speakers have built in amps that are attached directly to the speakers Im thinking that all I need to do is replace my speakers with a set of the Bose speakers and it should work is this true . IM hoping Bose was smart enough to use the same wiring harness that would convert the normal speaker wires into a power wire for the amps that run the speakers in the Bose set up any advise you guys have would greatly be appreciated if any one want to send me an email that would great my email is alexthegreatm62@hotmail.com and thanks in advance Regards David
  3. hey Guys I need your help once again my 99 eldorado let me down tonight , after leaving wall-mart she would not start the anti theft would not allow it to crank it said to remove key according to the manual i should have got a message to wait 3 min then 2 min then 1 min but I never did , I unhooked the battery for at least 10 min locked and relocked the doors checked the key did not see anything wrong with it I have not had any trouble in the past with this issue what can I do Im about to go nuts she is stuck at the wall-mart as I sit here please help thanks David
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