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  1. well i posted earlier this year about overheating. and i had it checked out, the cadillac tech said it was the headbolts,cuz the exhausted is pushing the coolant out my surge tank. and this post was about the MAF sensor.but i also wanted to know what type of headbolt should i use, because i found a shop that rebolts the heads for 200.00 on the northstar with the engine inside the car. i thought he was pulling my leg. but i saw it with my own eyes at his shop. he said he does about 5 to 10 a week and its not a long process takes about 6 hours. but i have to supply the bolts. what type should i
  2. well i had it checked, plus exhaust is pushing my coolant out. so where is the FPR located
  3. ok,will check the codes. but what is a FPR. and where can i go to get headbolts. i seen some online between 35-150 dollars any suggestions
  4. hi guys, well im back again, i seem tobe haven trouble, my 98 deville is running very rough, i smell gas at start up sometimes.and my gas milage has went down to 14.3 mpg from 15.8 mpg, also i hear small popping sound under the hood,when it idles rough or when i press on the gas could this be a (maf sensor) service engine light flashes too (help)
  5. Hi guys, i have a new key fob, can anyone please tell me how to progam it.
  6. ok guys heres the new new, the pump is over way to much counter clockwise,the teeth on the old waterpump will not grab the extraction tool correctly. tried every way to sun down and still the same results
  7. ok well do, i can tell you this. My friend from Cadillac just left and he was amazed at what he saw, when he looked at the waterpump.He said the pump was turned by an impact wrench. he said the pump is turned counter clockwise far to much....
  8. Hi guys, I have a very bad problem that i really need help with.My waterpump went out this weekend, so a bought all the parts and the tool to remove the pump as well.After pulling everything apart to get to the waterpump.I used the tool to remove the pump, (heres where the plot thickens) the tool keeps jumping off of the pump.( it will not lock on to it) so upon futher inspection it looks like the pump is turned all the way instead of 1/4 of an inch counter clockwise. So i called my friend over to help he took apart the waterpump so he can see what was really going on inside the housing. We tr
  9. Hi guys, im tring to change out my waterpump on a 98 deville. I have everything i need including the waterpump tool. well heres the problem im ruinng into. it seems like the pump is on way too tight. it looks like the ears on the pump is so close to the latch in the housing. now the tool will not grab the ears on the waterpump to turn it. what should i do next
  10. i ment to say there is no oil mixing in the oil pan, the oil looks fine.
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