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  1. all of that kinda bums me out:/ but ill keep researching, thank u for the information and yes im aware of the headaches... i was going to do a pcm, trannsmission annd engine swap, i have alot of patients and im into very heavy modifications... i hope i can find a way to do this... once again thank u for the help!
  2. 2000 monte carlo powered by a cadillac engine? SEXY

  3. hi im new to the caddyinfo forum... im wanting to put either a L37 or a LD8 into my 2000 monte carlo ls... i am willing to put the hours in to the removal, customization and installation to make this happen but as u can beleive i will need a lot of help with research to make this happen... im only 18 and finishing WYOTECH in september...