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  1. The "delay slider" operates to leave the headlamps on after the car is stopped, so you can run through darkness and do whatever it would be that requires the light from the car and, yet, not return to the car to turn them off--a wonderful improvement. This control does not affect the auto off and on of the headlamps according to the general light conditions. If I want safety advice, I'll ask in the nanny forum.
  2. My '96 Fleetwood headlights come on at dusk and turn off in full light automatically. I would like to be able to override this feature, turning the headlights off or on as I choose. Failing that, I would like to disable it altogether. It occurs to me, that, for the latter course, I could simply remove the sensor in the defroster grille on the dashboard. Will that work? Could an able service dept. do anything better if I were willing to spend money on a replacement relay or whatever?
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