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  1. While this site has had very much a performance car focus, my love for traveling the country has roots back to childhood. And my love for adventure was instilled from an early age on mountain roads…albeit by van, motor home, … Continued View the full article
  2. I ashamedly have all but abandoned this site, so maybe it's time make an update. In the wake of the recent Dustball Rally, it's articles such as these which bring with them a longing for great roads along with motivation to work hard. View the full article
  3. Another DFW Auto Show is in the books, and thanks to Ford, I was able to attend media day again this year. Aside from hearing from many of the manufacturers about their latest vehicles and technology, I had the opportunity to take photos without the usual crowds in the way.This year's show vehicles were spectacular. In attendance was the all-new Ford Mustang, the uber-exotic Pagani Huayra, and tons more to drool over. Take a look... View the full article
  4. So this is very overdue, but here are all the Dustball Rally photos from this past August. They've been on my photo site, but in case you missed them, here you go.Click the photo to view the five galleries: View the full article
  5. This morning Team Apex Phantom and a few other Dustball Rally cars went to the Dallas Cars & Coffee. Wow that was early. We rolled in at just before 7am to a surprisingly, mostly full lot. We passed out flyers for the driver meeting and launch next week, Team Sports Car Hunter distributed Dustball koozies, and we annoyed the local Lotus owners by taking some of "their" spots. All in all, a success.Click the link below to check out the photos. This gallery will grow over the next 9 days, as I'll be using it for all Dustball Rally photos. View the full article
  6. Car prep is in full force! Dustball Rally stickers are on. Many thanks to help from my lovely wife. Now about those new tires, oil change, brake fluid flush, clutch fluid flush, and we'll be all set! View the full article
  7. Yes, Dustball Rally WILL be that much fun! Here is the latest list of cars, mine included! View the full article
  8. It's coming. It's like Christmas as a little kid. It can't get here soon enough.2000 miles.4 days of driving. Beautiful cars. Curvy roads. Dustball. Stay tuned here and on twitter. Team Apex Phantom@apexphantomMe@trentlandreth View the full article
  9. In conjunction with Deanslist.us, this will be the first of a few Breakfast and Beer tours which you won’t want to miss. Due to the nature of these, and that most brewery tours are around 11am or noon, the drives … Continue reading → View the full article
  10. Saturday morning was a bit of a crap-shoot as we left the house for the 45 mile trip to the 2nd Deanslist DFW drive. The fog was low, and the mist wouldn't relent. We were a few minutes early arriving, and it was a great sight to already see a few cars at the meeting point as I rolled by it to the coffee shop next door. Slowly others started arriving, and quite surprisingly, we had 14 cars ready to roll after our drivers' meeting. The mist continued, but luckily no fog, throughout most of the morning. A few sprinkles here and there kept the speeds at bay as well, but the roads were good, and as we approached lunch we even had some dry patches. The pace was decent, considering the conditions...enough to have fun yet stay safe. 150 miles or so later, we arrived at the Horny Toad, a biker bar with surprisingly good food. Afterward, we all cruised up to an old church/graveyard outside town for a quick photo of the group. Afterward, unfortunately, most decided to split and head straight home, but the three die-hard drivers remained and followed most of the planned route home...this time on dry roads. The others made a horrible mistake. It was a blast each and every turn. Turn in, maintain, adjust, power out, look in mirror, watch the C63 pop a wheelie and catch me in the blink of an eye. Over and over. Quite entertaining indeed.Those of you who haven't made it out to a Deanslist.us or DFW Auto Club drive, you're missing out. We hope to see you next time. Continue reading → View the full article
  11. Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Texas Rovers Club tech day hosted by North Texas British (formerly North Texas Rover). It was a great afternoon meeting new people, seeing some cool trucks, and eating hot dogs and hamburgers. The club members were hugely appreciative, as they had full access to the shop and lifts to work on any projects they needed done. The NTX British techs were there to put vehicles on the lifts and generally help out with some great advice. It was quite apparent this was a great shop with knowledgeable mechanics. If you have a Rover and live in the DFW area, this definitely should be your go-to shop of choice. Many thanks go to Laura (Roverette) and Allen at North Texas British for hosting a wonderful event. Continue reading → View the full article
  12. I apologize for such a long down time with no new posts. I plan to remedy that soon. Stay tuned. Edit: And by soon, does a couple months qualify? View the full article
  13. This past Sunday, the DFW Auto Club (DFWAC) had one of our Sunday morning drives. Instead of the usual out and back loop of fun roads and amazing machines, this Sunday was out to Bridgeport, TX for lunch at Yesterday’s … Continue reading → View the full article
  14. I was privileged to be able to attend the media day for the Dallas Auto Show and hear from the manufacturers on all their new offerings. Naturally, I took a few photos. I also, thanks to GM, was able to … Continue reading → View the full article
  15. March 31 is the date. It’s open to all cars, so don’t feel like you have to own an S2000. Afterall, I take a family car each year! If Arkansas can do anything tremendously well, it’s build mountain roads seemingly … Continue reading → View the full article
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