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    1993 saville sts
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    Northstar 4.6L V8 (LD8/L37)

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  1. the battery is new just put it in about a week ago i couldnt see it just sit in the drive way anymore so i took it to a shop got it started in like 5 min's just trying the start it over and over again and then she came alive when i flet like it was going to start i let of the keey and she came to an idle under 1000 rpm the man at the shop said he was not the best guy for a cadillac and said it could be the fule pump does that sound like it could be right the sls is back in my drive way just siting there i would really like to know how to check the codes for the car but i cant find anything online for my year and make.
  2. cool going to give it a try is there anything els that i should try if thats not the problom? One thing at a time. Lets condemn or rule out the FPR first. its a slow crank almost sounds like a misfire or something fowling out it also somkes when cold but clears up with in min's iv been thinking it might be best to just drop it of at the shop but i would hate to i was able to jump the car to a start yesterday and drove it down the road drove really well like nothing was wrong? so what do you guess think i should try
  3. cool going to give it a try is there anything els that i should try if thats not the problom?
  4. well i don't know how to do anything as far as codes go and im taking the intake off right now iv already taken the "box" that holds my air filter now im working on the large hose what should i be looking for? how do i know is something is not right this is my first caddy and im doing all the work myself. i love the car and thats why i want to fix it thanks for all the help everyone!!!
  5. what is the FPR this morning i had to call into work because the battry died before it started the cooling problom is fixed hasnt over heated since the new rad
  6. my sts of 09/1993 with i hear makes it a 94 has a bit a a prob i just put a new rad in because the old was really badly leaking since then the sat will run really well would never know anything was wrong just driving down the road it seems the longer i let the car sit the longer it takes to get it started when i do try to start it it seems to pop and when i let off the key it will try to idle under 10000 rpm only been going on for about a week really love the car dont want to see it blow up anything anyone can tell me im sure my sts will thank you for it thanks for your time
  7. i just this car and i really like it but it is sick when i pump gas it will leak and it does not take long at all to get a lot on the ground also the rad is probly the bigest thing wrong right now and it has sort of a low rpm studer ill be crusing along and the car with shift down then almost like its shifted to far down drops to about 1ooo rpm and bucks but not hard at all its suttle also anywhere that i can get free skimatics on well the hole car if anyone knows where to down load them thanks all for the help and for your time my car will sertinly thank you!!
  8. why not just water? im really sure its the radiator i can see where the water leeks down the side but i will take it to auto zone. would it help if i had auto zone use OBD ( what ever that is ) to read the codes? cabt hurt right i really like the car i hate that its not tip top thanks
  9. HI i have just started driving my caddie about a month ago when i got it is was leaking coolint iv been driving the car as is since then and i always put water in it before i go any where its only got up to 250 1 time on a long drive im sure that i will need a new rad but what should i do untill then i have to use the car. any hint's? also does anyone know where to get a rad at a good price thanks for you time.
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