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  1. hello guys,i have a 97 Deville,my FRONT L/R control arms are fine but just in case i try to now if i can get it new,its still available,so i go to nearest dealer but they can get it,just the price like 290.00$ each and the part no"25672983"thats Left side and"25672984"Rigth side,somebody now where i can get it,or at least if i can get the 2 bushings and the ball joint of each control arm,i dont want to leave the car unoperate for months when they brake,you now,please if you now something about it let me now please,thanks!!!
  2. 97 Cadillac Deville,awsome!!!!!

  3. sorry for my inglish,im still working on it!!!
  4. yep thats true,you goin to damage your radiator,make your engine work more hot and run the chance that the head gasket fail all the way and your cilinder will be full of coolant and beleive me piston rods dont like coolant on his way.dont take any chance fix it the rigth way and believe me it worth it,i rebuild mine and i love it
  5. yeeeeaaaa baby!!!i think its posible,question,the computer have to be reprogramed with the bcm to enable the starter relay?rigth now we need the key with the proper resistance,the rke reprogramed to the car,the ecm reprogramed to the bcm to enable the starter and if i forgot smething let me now,also somebody now how much is for reprogramed the bcm and make everything work toghether?
  6. thanks for the reply,i went to the dealer but the guy don't know a thing about it,i think that the alarm is integrated on the bcm,may be if i get a bcm from the junk yard,from a car with factory alarm maybe it work,im goin to need the V.I.N. to get the beepers and also im goin to need the key with the proper resistance,i check some diagrams and all the doors locks ,lights and horn pass trow it.im goin to check more about this and see what happens,see ya
  7. hello,my 97 Cadillac deville doesn't have alarm,i can just close the door and opened with the RKE,the lights come on twice when opened and once when closed,my question is HOW CAN I MAKE THE ORIGINAL FACTORY ALARM WORK WITh THE RKE WITHOUT BUYING AN AFTERMARKET ALARM?because right now for example,if somebody brake the trunk lid,i wont be alerted,and if it possible i don't want to have two beepers just the factory one,all ideas will be appreciated.thanks,BTW the factory book said some cars come with this factory alarm some dont,i want to leave my wiring system as factory as possible.
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