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  1. It's hard to say. Could be a bad socket. Bulb has a loose filament or poor grounding wire.
  2. Watch this commercial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpxwXUjh71g Is it an ad for: 1) Cadillac. 2) Onstar. 3) Viagra. 4) Tires. .....yeah, I was wrong too. LOL
  3. Wow. That is quite the intro video. I'm guessing he is a DJ or musician? Nice 68 Deville convertible. Would look better with the fender skirts on it though.
  4. I recall that the early Allantes had rook leaking issues. So a later one would definately be the way to go.
  5. I wouldn't touch an HT4100 equipped car again. I had a 1983 Eldorado that idled very erratic. I took it to my local Caddy dealer and even they couldn't get it to run right. After spending hundreds to try to fix it, they finally called and said "This isn't an XLR sir, we suggest you sell it". Those HT4100s engines were ticking time bombs and even the dealer didn't want to see me pour money into it. It's a darn shame as I think the 1980-85 Cadillacs were very attractive cars. I sure wish Cadillac had left the 368 in them up till the 5.0 was ready to drop in.
  6. If you have the shop manual you could see if there is a DRL relay that could be pulled. I know that on many cars the DRLS were standard on Canadian sold vehicles, but you could add the relay on US sold cars and get DRLS. So perhaps the reverse is possible.
  7. Well for what it's worth, at the 2010 Barrett-Jackson auction in Palm Beach a 1993 Allante with only 7800 miles on it sold for $24,000. It was red with the Northstar and an immaculate Naples, Fla car. I thought it would have sold for more.
  8. It had better be big to satisfy the current Escalade owners. I see alot being used in Livery service too.
  9. A lot of people said the Rivs (and Eldos) of that type were too small. But it sure looks the right size for today. Nice ride. Good luck with the trunk issue.
  10. Now if we can just get them to bring back the tail fins.....
  11. is trying to keep the pollen dust off the Caddy.

  12. Good review. I push my 07 DTS pretty hard at times. I am always impressed with the speed and handling. But I also really, really like the boulevard ride. One thing I've noticed is that these cars like to run like a race horse. At highway speeds you are constantly finding yourself going faster than you should. I like my tilt wheel all the way down. But that blocks the top of the speedo so you need to watch the smaller digital readout at the bottom. When a slower car moves over in front of you on the highway (dontcha hate that?) and you let off the gas the DTS just wants to keep going. LOL. I've had cars in the past that when you took your foot off the gas the car slowed like you dropped anchor. The DTS has little rolling resistance I guess. Let's just hope the next generation XTS keeps us as happy as our DTS has us now.
  13. I've added rear sequential turn signals to a few of my older cars. Although most Cadillacs have verticle rear lamps, I know of one guy who installed them on his 1989 Seville. Web Electric products They also have daytime running lamp kits.
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