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  1. went to gas station and car wouldnt start and run unless i applied gas. got it home, put it on slow charge for a bit and it wouldnt start/run unless i pressed gas pedal, otherwise it would die. the crank positioning sensors were just changed out in feb so those should be good. all connections and grounds seem to be in order. ill take the batt tomorrow to test it at one of the parts stores. any other suggestions? codes i got were C1287-History-Steering sensor malfunction B1328-History-Vehicle Voltage sysrem above 15.9v B1982/3-History-Device power circuit high/low
  2. thank you for trying though. I appreciate it. ill just start replacing parts till it goes away lol.
  3. here's a link to a video I just took of what I'm hearing.
  4. i just tried recreating the sound by putting weight on the fenders but got nothing. it squeaks constantly. I thought it was quiet on smoother roads but I was on a nice new freshly paved road today and it was still squeaking away. going over bigger bumps it'll feel like the car is dragging me in that direction.
  5. hello my front end squeaks at 50mph and below. It'll go away on smoother roads. Its worsen in the past days. now I can hear it with the windows up. what suspension componets could be the culprit? any of them lol?
  6. ive driven about 300 miles since getting the car back. seems to be fine
  7. brought it to the shop down the street from me. Got the sensors changed out, an oil change, and they did the relearn for the ckps, everything for $149 out the door. Charged me for 1.5hrs of labor and I supplied the sensors, about $40 each.
  8. I bought an oil filter wrench. Looks like a big socket. It says 74/76mm 15 flutes. Its too big, it just turns around the filter. but the auto parts Guy insists that its correct. Do I have the right size
  9. Car is stalling again lol. Bought the ckps over the weekend. Gonna change em out and check out the oil filter, adapter, pressure switch and cooler lines, if I have them. Thanks ranger
  10. seems to be running fine. but i seemed to have developed an oil leak. or it appears to be oil. it appears to be coming from the front-center, like directly behind radiator.
  11. I changed out the map sensor and cleared the codes. Took it on a 3mile test drive around my neighborhood and it ran fine. Ill see how it goes in the am.
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