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  1. Here ya go Folks check this one out! http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-cars-trucks-2004-Cadillac-Seville-STS-W0QQAdIdZ348082798
  2. So now my 94 STS will not start,I ran the battery down trying. I had to be towed home at 2a.m. this morning.The only code(s) are P053 Distributor Signal Interupt(History) and P071 Intermittent Map Signal(History). I've got 20psi @ the fuel rail all the time, static or crank. I tried swapping the A/C relay with the fuel pump relay nadda. I'm thinking that there should be a code set if the fuel pump is bad but there isn't. Either P019 or P020 which are shorted circuit or open circuit respectively. I hate to go out and slam down $300 for a new pump if this isn't the problem but it looks like that may be the case. Are there any other items that should be looked into before I go pick one up? Also is it wise to pick up the entire module or should I just get the pump? Thanks All!
  3. So far I've heard whole buncha negative thoughts on this car, here in town , this forum and elsewhere. Maybe once us dumbass Canucks give it a go and work the bugs out(if any),You guys (U.S.) will want it back and then it will be a $ucce$$. That has happened here before and I'm sure it'll happen again!
  4. It would seem that you've got all the Northstar bases covered
  5. Fragile's an understatement Jim,this car looks like it would collapse like a beer can!
  6. I have a couple more that I will post later
  7. Here are a few more. my 94 STS is second to the right between the 300 and the malibu
  8. OK so I went down to the office this aft and got pics of 2 of them They are both sporting Michigan plates,so they are corporate boys driving them that's my Cadillac beside the malibu
  9. It certainly wasn't a malibu, I live in Oshawa Ontario they build em here. It could have been Brass cruisin around,I don't know but I'm going down to the HQ to see if there's any around for some pics
  10. My first XTS sighting was early this afternoon,and I'm not very impressed to say the least. It was white which didn't do anything for it,I wasn't even really paying that much attention to itto be honest. The XTS reminds me of a chevy malibu from the outside, perhaps later today I might go have a closer look at it. I will bring the camera for some closeups.
  11. Thaks again Jim,Ranger has answered my question,the power steering cooler is a little lower down about 2"x 8". This is a "Z" rated car. Lots o coolers
  12. Thanks for the P/N Jim,when I replaced the rad in Jan. the cooler lines on the passenger side of the rad had orings, and the tranny cooler lines on the driverside has flare. However there is also a cooler in front of the condenser,is that the oilcooler also or...?
  13. Does anyone no the size or part# for the orings at the filter adapter on a 94 STS? Mine are weeping alil bit and I will be doing an oil/filter change soon and will be adressing them at that time. This is for the cooler lines by the way....Thanks
  14. This morning I'm checking my fuel pressure on the 94 STS...I'm getting a rock solid 35psi@idle,12-15@ crank,and 42psi@static(keyon). While running at 650rpms(35psi) if I give it a shot using the cruise servo it will reduce to 20+/-psi. Does anyone know the correct fuel pressures at these levels? Thanks,SCOTT
  15. That's Great! Bythe way your coolant temp looks perfect too
  16. Seville Girl,if you are interested I have a few zebrano wood trim pieces for your shift console area. Let me know if you want one.
  17. No I have it done, The oil is called "Petro-Canada" Dripless Rust Inhibitor, He buys it in a 45 gallon drum and charges me $65...
  18. It goes up on a lift and sprayed quite thoroughly underneath, and predrilled holes(3/8")in the doors and jambs,trunk lid and hood finished off with black caplugs.
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