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  1. And what is it? Unfortunately is not a Cadillac, but a 1976 Olds 98. Unfortunately, NOTHING!! I had a 75 OLDS 98 that was a gorgeous car! Horizon Blue white top and a dark blue interior every single option available, and I'm not kiddin! It even had the very rare ACRS option! Cadillac owners pined for that car literally
  2. Nothing wrong with LOTS of pics and personal reviews
  3. You Guys are lucky! Have a Grand ol time
  4. I don't see too many of these in my boneyard travels anymore, you WILL have some difficulty depending on your location for any kind of parts.How does it run? Other than replacing the seats what else do you need? Post some pics...
  5. Here's some pics of Good Ol' Blackie from some time this aft I will post some more a little later
  6. I've taken some pics of the location of the purge nipple from my 02 STS,hope itwill help Sorry for the poor quality let me know if you want more I'll try to adjust it
  7. Problem Solved!!!! Just installed my"new" 97 ICM, no more code p083 YAY! Strange that it ran out to the yard(roughly 1 hr round trip) without even so much as a hiccup. Swapped the coilpacks to the ICM fired up. Another thing is my p071(intermittent map signal) which was always history has also dissappeared. Happy Days after all that cryin and whinin I was doing. Thanks guys for all of your very helpful directives, I've definetly learned something from all of this
  8. You could very well be right KHE however,don't these old OBD1 codes kind of reflect back to the cars with a distributor? And the reference to the dist. could be the ICM,just wondering...
  9. Yes, I agree about the ICM Mike, I got ballsy this morning and took it out for some punishment(WOT)runs and even tho that p083 is still current it performs like the champ it always was. Idles nice and smooth, shifts great,fires right up time after time. I found another boneyard about 20 mins away that has 2 97 STS and 1 96 STS,I'm gonna go out and have a gander at the goods. Got my fingers crossed. Thanks for your patient responses Mike!
  10. Thanks Ranger I have that exact same diagram. I guess that there is no other way to figure out this issue than to replace parts again (buy this, try that)....found this on the other site that seems mighty familiar to my woes http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/northstar-performance-technical-discussion/64376-1994-eldorado-p083-code.html
  11. Today I found a used ICM, I took the coils off and cleaned up all the connections installed and it fired right up! It slowly began to run a little rough so I pulled the codes and a pesky p083 was set(distributor to crankshaft failed). This seems to keep going on and on,bad used ICM? bad CKP's? Where to spent my time and money next?
  12. You're right there is another wire(black) which grounds the ICM,it seems to be doing its job.I found a red one and its about 16-18ga. with proper battery voltage,black is ground and a lite green possibly yellow for the tach. Triple checked for spark still nothing, apparently I should be setting a P012 code-no distributor signal. This according to my Chiltons manual which is all I really have to go on at this point
  13. Would you happen to have a schematic for that Mike? The ICM itself is grounded when the 4 bolts to the cam cover are attached,the fuses all are clean and free of corrosion and none are blown.
  14. This morning I had a little time so I hooked up my spark tester similar to Mike's link image and there is no spark, and NO codes. I was kind of leaning towards the ICM but how can I determine what is actually wrong with no codes to follow up with You'd really think that in a positive no spark/no code condition that SOME kind of code would set!
  15. Today I'll get that brake line issue conquered and then go hog nuts to find out if there is spark or not
  16. I do have an 02 in the stable but it's not the one I'm working on. Dam this 94 anyway! This morning I go out to the garage to continue on with the no start c ondition and what do I see? a puddle of brake fluid under the left rear axle! Jack up the car again, it's the brake line that goes from one side to the other,roughly 4 feet of 3/16" brake line needs replacement. I've got one of the 2 required fittings in stock and no brake line, Being "Good Friday" I'm screwed until tomorrow,and I still haven't got it to fire up yet! Hope everyones having a Great weekend
  17. So far I have checked all the fuses, but I will get more in depth. I just got back from the boneyard, I wanted to pick up another coil pack module to see if that would make a diff. Not one to be found! They've all been picked clean! Maybe that is an issue with these cars at this age. I wonder if there's a way to check them, would they set a code if failed?
  18. 40-50 +/- at the rail, plenty o pressure. The reason I changed the pump was a no start condition. Had to have the damned thing towed home, the pressure B4 I changed it was around 12 psi key on. Sorry about getting all squirelly on the posts, I'm having a hell of a time with it!
  19. As I have replaced my fuel pump with a new Delco unit I've got no fire...45-55 psi key on,no codes,nothing doesn't even sputter or try to start,I'm stumped Boys!
  20. I've just finished installing my new Delco fuel pump,I do have photos but will post them shortly. Now, at the rail key on 40-50 p.s.i. crank 30-45. but she does not fire up, I can hear the pump prime and there is fuel at the rail. I now have run the battery down again trying, so I will take the battery out and let it recharge for a few hours. The 20a fuse is good, the relay is good, there are no codes. Could there be a VTD issue since the car was on such an angle? I'm getting a little stumped here, I think I'll go pick up the wife from work and have a snack and mellow out a bit. Thanks in advance for any input
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