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  1. Hey Carla not that I have to do that job yet....at what area(s) did you lift the engine?
  2. Last month I extracted (very carefully) my IPC because it looked as tho abulb was out around the fuel gauge backlighting (sounds anal don't it?) you could still see everything I just recall it was brighter in that area. Got it out and tested every bulb I think there is 16+/- and they all checked out good (cont. test). Cleaned the lense put it all back 2gether and a week later the tach became intermittent, worked then not, now not at all checked for codes none. Of course I can still operate with out it but I hate when something doesn't work. Any sugestions?
  3. I would say clutch/pulley bearings if the comp. is not engaged, I changed mine about 5yrs ago it made one hell of a nasty grinding noise and you could barely turn the pulley by hand. My labour+ $60 clutch $40new belt.
  4. That's the going rate around this place, maybe the demand isn't that high. It's Sat. morning and I'll try a few more ideas around town. If I have to I'll order from Rockauto, but I wanted ta gitrdone NOW Thanx all!
  5. I did a litle shopping and NAPA's $11.59 each seems to be the best. The dealer wants $16.50 each (DELCO) Also wire sets are'$126 from NAPA and $237 from dealer.
  6. Well, I guess its time to change out the plugs @ 276K kms runs smooth most of the time but the occasional misfire does occur. My local NAPA dealer wants $93 for ACDELCO 41-950's not bad, or I can get Bosch platinum plus for $45. Are the delco's the only way to go or...??
  7. yup..214k fresh oil and coolant you are good to go...what more can u ask
  8. Mike, you're engine's got a 50/50 chance at long life.. however regular proper maint, can and will help. I'm crowding 172000 miles and so far so good running strong
  9. I heard a story from an old ex-GM employee years ago about the original STS (1993???) that 4 GM test pilots or techs or execs or whatever were given one to pound the living crap out of. Within a certain time frame and regular oil changes/maintenance etc. and I believe it reached 1,000,000kms b4 total failure. If there's any truth to that story, that was one hell of a good reason to launch Northstar powered STS
  10. Thanks Jim I will give that adjustment a whirl when I find the info on it...
  11. Hello all from Oshawa Ont. just aquick 2 cents for my first post..Paul, when that click/no start thing happens have you ever tried slipping the gear selector into "N" and then try? I have that little hiccup every once in a while esp. if i'm parked backed up on a slight grade.
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