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  1. It's such a shame that these cars seem to to have all these overheating probs. I still have my 94 STS but it's becoming riddled with problems everytime I turn around, battery,rad, fuel injectors,coilpacks,plugs,gaskets,hoses,you name it I've replaced it. However at just short of 200K miles what can one expect? It's had a damned good run. It just sits in my garage now spotless, waiting for the next time that I take it out. It's still a gorgeous looking car when I stand out here and have a few rums and just stare at it
  2. I own 2 VERY different Northstars, a 94 and an 02. The 94 I bought when it was 6 years old and the 02 5years old. In the 12 years of the 94 there were few problems, nothing more than just regular maintenance. However troubles are starting to increase,Rads,fuel pumps,various hoses,sensors,fuel injectors,etc. etc.185kmiles so nothing that shouldn't be expected for that much use. Be very careful of the early Northstars... On the other hand my 2002 STS has also been trouble free but may rear its ugly head soon. If you are considering an early(2002 or newer, now) Northstar just make sure that the damned thing has been well maintained.
  3. Jim, from what I gather at my part supplier, they are replaceable as Delco units for $175+tx each or refurbs @ $60+tx each. What I want to do is come up with a method of doing it myself if I can, and maybe, I'll advertise thru my company that I provide this service as well.....IF this is the problem!
  4. I've been experimenting with my DTC's lately as I have a miss maybe two. No codes are set, but have been monitoring the fuel injectors via "PCM OVERRIDES". As I scroll thru each cylinder individually,to "kill" it, the only cylinders that don't make a difference are #2 and MAYBE# 8...#2 cylinder for sure. I've been thru all the coil packs, and all are firing,plugs are good,wires are within a year Delco's. Checked for vac leaks, but I just can't help to think it's fuel related. I'm thinking if it is a clogged injector that it probably would not set a code. The reason I'm doing all of this is a rough idle and you can "feel" the car not run proper while at speed around town. Any assisstance would be very appreciated, Thanks,Scott
  5. Ya, I had exactly the same thing today in my 94 STS. I think I'm done....185,000 Very Good miles.
  6. And? What was the outcome? Did you find the labeled fuse/breaker? Was the fuse good/bad?
  7. I'm not fully familiar with a 98 Deville but you might have a fuse box in the trunk and under the hood on the driverside, have a look around.
  8. Here in Ontario Canada, the weather is starting to improve. No longer do I have to keep the salt and crud off my cars! Now we're into a whole new ballgame...BIRDSHIT!! I come out in the morning and the local robins have had a feast of berries and whatever decide to leave their deposits on my clean paint.LOL! I guess ya just can't win, Damned Birds!LOL
  9. I have to have a fully functioning Mooroof,just love the size of these older model ones. When i go out for a nice afternoon drive the "slider" is always open, it's unbelievable how much better the cruise in the Cadillac really is. I wouldn't buy a Cadillac without one....just Me!
  10. Donald, you probably won't set a code with your moonroof not working as it should, if your not hearing a "click" while you try and operate the switch it could also be the motor itself. Try and pop off the square shaped cover(carefully) and get a test light inthere to find out if you've got +/- .If you've power and ground, the motor could be the issue. Sometimes the glass can become out of alignment and screw things up too.
  11. When the plastic intake was implemented, the EGR needed to be rerouted - nothing to do with reducing the maintenance. So...it was just a way of developing 5 more HP? 94 STS=295hp 95-97=300hp
  12. Thanks for that, KHE.So ultimately the changeover just helps to decrease maintenance requirements and possible performance issues to those unaware of it?
  13. Congrats on the "new" STS,welcome back! Before you take off on your road trip, I have to ask what issues you were having with the old 94...sorry to keep ya from the trip
  14. What is the purpose of these spacers anyway, was/is there an advantage to having them? I cleaned mine out REAL good in the fall, they were just choked full o sludge. Cleaned the surface and slots on the block also. I guess they were found to be unnecessary since they're not repeated after 94.
  15. Thats for sure JimD, I hate reflectors with HID.Projectors with HID are the way to go, My 2002 STS has them.
  16. I still ask, didn't the 98-04STS not have the pull down? My 02 STS does not have that feature....97 as I believe was the last year
  17. Well for one thing, you're in the wrong forum, anyhow p083 is crankshaft sensors you may have that problem. Did you purchase a NEW ICM? AC/DELCO? A used ICM may show a p083 code like that as they do fail.
  18. Well, Folks it's been a week now since I've done my tweakin to the Ol 94 STS and may I just say it's been awesome! This car runs and drives like new! It sounds sooo nice as I perform the WOT treatments to er. Took er out on the freeway a few times and it's heaven to drive...Thanks again! I'm gonna tryin get a video in this week if I can. Also I think it deserves some fresh rubber, Goodyear Eagle GT's 225 55/16 v rated of course. http://www.1010tires.com/About/Goodyear/Eagle+GT
  19. I don't know, but I can say that my '03 doesn't use as much oil as my '97 did. And I can say that my 94STS doesn't use NEARLY the oil that my 02STS does!
  20. Hi there and welcome to the site. I too had some ICM issues earlier this month,I found a very good example of one at a boneyard for a reasonable price,maybe you should try that before shelling out the cash. Just a thought. P.S. that was for my 94 STS
  21. Hey, that looks like a good time,hopefully the weather was great!
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