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  1. It's not huge job, however it does take some careful finessing...Remove dash top, vents, being VERY careful with the cluster, it's like an electronic sandwich
  2. Just for the hell of it, while you're in there, you might want to check the torque of the oil filter adapter bolts, and maybe even switch up the "O-Rings" in there too. I did that and it solved an oil drip as well...can't remember the part# tho, maybe someone else does
  3. WOW! These "new" Cadillacs are just too outta my realm sorry, I guess I'll just have to dig in to the moderness
  4. Could there not also be a throttle body cleansing in order(realizing it's not a Northstar)
  5. You're lucky, Bruce that you live in such a nice climate that you don't have to store your STS-V...Don't you think that if you did that the abcence would make the heart grow fonder? LOL! In a few short days I will be clay barring the car with some instant detailer as you speak of and the locals here will once again be in awe of the Cadillac
  6. My beloved ol' 94 STS just snoozes in the garage until spring...altho I did take it out on Sunday for a nice little drive, performed FLAWLESSLY!
  7. Yes, the wife WAS eyeballing the ATS at first, however once sitting in one from the other, the Xts is the future choice
  8. The 90's/00's STS(Seville) do look VERY Dated as compared to the current models, but I still enjoy the appearance of them. They seem to stand out so much more than anything else in the stable, We're probably just going to keep driving what we have until the XTS becomes alittle more proven and affordable. We'll see
  9. Wow! Nice write up Jim, Thanks for the info...I hope that you and yours have plenty of good motoring years with the new machine!
  10. That's a beautiful machine Jim, Thank You very much for showing all the Great photos!
  11. Time to pack it in on the Ol' DTS, huh? Maybe BBF should consider taking it off yer hands
  12. http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-seville-cadillac-eldorado-forum/114064-help-1994-eldorado-suddenly-runs-very.html Check this out paying particular attention to post #7
  13. Since the weather was so nice yesterday, I opened up the door to let ol Greenie have some fresh air
  14. Well Best of luck tracking down that miss, I look forward to those pics of the Eldorado
  15. Ugh, the very thought of a "Made in China" Cadillac leaves a bad taste in my mouth
  16. Well,sir the Dark Calypso Green is OE, and it does have some minor chips and dents after the years and miles, but it also leads a very pampered semi retired lifestyle...Dare I say that it's become more of a garage queen...296K km/ 184K miles
  17. S.D.F. are my initials, they also make up part of the letterhead of my company, an HVAC firm
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