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  1. You are correct about the compressors. Simple term is like hydro locking the compressor. Nearly every GM compressor I have seen fail was because of that. Either burns out the clutch from over working it, or wrecks the the compressor internally and distributes through the system.
  2. Honestly. In todays day and age so many people are quick to judge based on what they read or hear, But suggestions and replies are a huge help to others. Even if it is not correct it can still help. Sometimes members can be 1000 miles away. Without seeing the car in person things can get difficult. This forum is full of strong members. Any suggestions are highly appreciated
  3. Sometimes the alternator will be slightly warm when that type of failure has occurred. Glad to hear you are on the right track
  4. Long shot here but can you confirm your meter has a good battery. When mine have a low battery it will read high voltage like that
  5. Those pick and pulls keep us NYers going. Could not own my old stuff without them
  6. See I like the 96 specifically for 2 main reasons. I hate the 92-95 interior but love the body. (interior was boxy and awkward) I am not a fan of the 97+ body but love the interior. (Cheapness really starts to show in body) 96 nails all of the above. Great body, engine, interior, etc...
  7. Lmao. Dodge Neon. Smile. You Neon smiles as you wait for a ride. 🤣 I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. Very few of them still in existence, at least in NY anyway
  8. I have had my 97 D'elegance for about 5 years now, although very nice there is a no doubt change in quality compared to my 96. And maybe it is just me but the 97-99 looks worse without the Landau. Body looks like it is missing something. Let me look at the datalink schematic and see what I can find that correlates with the HVAC and radio. I would think the IPC#1
  9. I still drool over that car. Still my favorite year. You very likely have corrosion, pinched wiring, or a faulty plug connection (open pin, cracked pin, etc...) Define radio is dead please? Oe radio?
  10. each plug is a set. one plug is power and ground Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Orange Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Yellow Radio Ground Wire: Black Radio Illumination Wire: Gray Stereo Dimmer Wire: Brown one is front speakers Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Tan Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Light Green Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Dark Green one is rear speakers. Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Yellow Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Dark Blue Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Light Blue one is antenna feed, and possibly other features. Stereo Antenna Trigger Wire: Pink Let me see if I can find the diagram. It has been awhile. IIRC when they are plugged in it looks like a larger plug
  11. Thats no surprise. Did you happen to inspect the Electrical panel? What about the ICM and its coils. Maybe a critter chewed one of the wires to the ICM... Coils themselves are very robust. (originals) Aftermarket... All bets off
  12. Does it run? You wont be able to put a tube down it. If It runs I would almost suggest filling it and treating it. Then drive it low before refueling. I suppose if you were skilled you could disconnect the fuel filter, and run a hose to pump the gas out. I don't recommend it unless you are very sure of what you are doing.
  13. I would suggest pulling the black cover off the electrical center at the driver side strut tower. Inspect it well for corrosion. Inspect the fuse blocks and plugs for corrosion. Sounds almost like the ICM is losing power or ground, likely power. The fuses are under there
  14. Hello. Is that code current? if cleared does it return? Before I go farther I would like to confirm
  15. that was 50/50 across the board. I have seen base models with them, high models without them. All of this era were prewired. 96 was the only year iirc that was not. I wired mine back when and swapped a 97 HU. Worked fine
  16. Hi All. Just looking for a few ideas. My 97 D'Elegance has new struts, springs, fairly new engine mounts, Dogbones, Swaybar links, that I can think of. Balljoints and steering are tight. I do plan to replace swaybar bushings soon. My front end is fairly clunky and I am not sure why. Worse when cold. My 97 Seville has noise too but I don't drive that one in the winter. Cradle seems to be tight, bolts are tight. Bushing kits are not available for it. Discontinued and no aftermarket. I also reasonably would like to try to improve the torque steer on both. The torque steer is very obvious. It will pull you right out of the lane if you let it. I have stiffer tires on my Seville and that helps the torque steer enough to notice but it could still use improvement. Thanks all.
  17. Welcome to CaddyInfo. Sure sounds like a fuel pump issue. Have someone cycle the key on and listen to the pump. Should run for 3 seconds when key is cycled on. Do not mistake the Air ride compressor which comes on after the pump. If pump sounds weak or funny tap on the tank and watch the gauge. You may likely have a burnt pigtail to the Fuel pump module which is why it stalled out. And why the fuel pressure only went to 10. When the pump comes on the connection heats up and is lost. 38-42 psi should be good. Should hold for a short while
  18. I am surprised it is a Concours without Bose. Is it floor or column shift? Concours should be floor shift. I have had great luck with the Audiovox units over the years. Done many, little to no comebacks
  19. With the coolant full, start the engine with the tank cap removed. If air and smoke continually purge from the surge tank I am going to assume you have a head failure. Did this happen suddenly, or occur gradually over time? Does exhaust smell sweet? Does coolant smell like exhaust? Sorry for so many questions but specific questions narrow down things quicker If what you describe is accurate it sounds like it is severe. Love the 96. Still my favorite year Welcome To CaddyInfo. How long have you owned it? Miles? Condition?
  20. Welcome to CaddyInfo forum. My very honest opinion on the Remote start. I have installed tons over time, But I have never installed one in one of these. I have driven these for 12 years now without one. Reason why I will not install one is because every one I ran into that had one had gremlins. End result ended up being related to the Remote starter. If you do install one I recommend just a basic 1 button unit that has minimal connections to do the job. will need a VATS bypass unless it is already bypassed In defense of these Caddys in all my experience, they heat up very quick and efficiently, and if your heated seats work (if equipped) your behind will be warm before you get around the block. They are also very well insulated from the outside environment which means they stay warm better and have very little if any road noise. As for the sound system, I assume you have the Bose System. I love mine. If it is you will have the 11 speaker, 2 woofer, Active audio, And DSP. What are you looking to improve on? would vary as to my answer on the audio upgrade
  21. I do the same. I have several. I keep my tractors, cars, Bike, all on trickle tenders. My main tractor is stored outside. I plug it in when I am done. It fires right up
  22. It can last 2 months, but longer in the warmer months. In the winter I always leave a trickle tender when not in use. I have been storing for years and have had the best luck. I use storage mode when it is down but I don't feel like plugging it in. Having had several of these I have yet to have a problem with Storage mode. I do suggest making sure your battery and its connections are good and tight. A intermittent loss causes all kinds of gremlins
  23. Excellent to hear. Glad to see someone got use out of that thread. That project gave me a headache because it seemed to have never been discussed. I am very persistent though, as you can see. I still have my tapes lol.
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