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  1. Replace the actuator, the same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, but my Deville is different than your Seville. You will need to observe the actuator to see which one is not moving, or get someone with a 99 FSM to tell you the location of the actuator that sets a B1340 code in your year Once I replaced my actuator, the problem was gone, it caused me to get heat instead of AC My 96 Deville has the same problem minus the trouble code. It takes forever to get warm even though the engine usually runs at 200*. The most time i feel any heat is on the highway on a trip. I havent figured out if it is the heatercore or some other problem. This car has the worst heat i have ever seen. I also cant stand the fact that there is no option to make heat come out of the dash vents, truly retarded if you want my opinion, So basically everywhere I go my fingers are frozen and my toes are cold
  2. I agree fully. When a mechanic is selling a car with a supposed simple problem, it is never a simple problem. Welcome to the forum
  3. darn I am having one hell of a time trying to find any info on this. I have heard a bunch of different things lol
  4. Well I have RKE but I have found 2 cars at my local yard that have the RPO for the theft system, I am looking to add the security feature but am not sure how to go about doing it. When i get inside my trunk i can hear the clicking coming from a black box on the passenger side upper of the back seat when i hit any button on ,my FOB. So i am not sure if that is supposed to be the RKE module or not. This is bugging me My best friend has the same car but his has it and I cant figure out how to get it on mine.
  5. Does anyone happen to know the exact location of the Keyless entry unit on the 1996-1997 Cadillac Deville. Thanks in advance. I also might add that I know where it is on the 95 and prior but 96 and up is different
  6. Thank you very much. I will definately try that and post my results.
  7. That car is absolutely stunning in every way. one can only dream
  8. those line connectors suck, they are a problem on many gm vehicles on both the tranny side and the cooler side. I usually replace the whole fitting with he new ring on it. Also you have to be careful when you install the fittings onto the radiator that you do not overtighten the fitting as it can crack the radiatior without you knowing it until it is too late. Good luck to you
  9. Ok the debris looks kind of like a drink may have splashed in a few spots on the wood, and I would like to know what years were compatible with the 96 that did get the wheel with the trim. My wheel is kind of worn and discolored
  10. I would just replace the TSS as they are not too expensive, and considering the unseen wear they actually go through it wouldnt be a bad idea
  11. Yes a few pieces of stuck debris Nobody has any tips on this? I also would like to upgrade to a better steering wheel with wood trim if possible, if anyone knows of any direct replacements
  12. Can someone give me a few good ideas on how to remove debris from the wood without damaging it?? Thank you
  13. I too am wondering the same thing because I have to do my right front also, If i remember right. Hub bolts. 15mm socket 3 bolts 34mm axle nut 21mm soket for caliper bracket to spindle bolts
  14. The wire is not there. It seems that the cars that got the stereo with the source button or cd button are the only ones that got it
  15. I DID NOT BUY THE FOB BRAND NEW I HAD ONE ALREADY THAT WILL WORK JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PROGRAM IT PLEASE IF YOU CAN LEAD ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION THANK YOU VERY MUCH I think he means the instructions will be on the inside of the key fob. The instructions are not inside the remote, The resyncronization procedure is inside the remote. You need to turn the key on with the engine off, press and hold the off and warmer temp buttons together for 3 seconds and then a diagnostics mode will appear on the instrument cluster, Wait for it to cycle and then press the the temp down button till the RKE? option appears, When it appears press the warmer button once, then you must press the temp down button till it prompts you to press the button on the fob that programs it. It has been awhile since i have done it but if you know how to access the DIagnostics on the cluster it is fairly self explanitory
  16. ok so I went to my local salvage yard and on the 95s I see the module down at the driver side in the trunk. But The 96 is different, so i am not sure if it is the same module between years or where the module is located on the 96
  17. that would be excellent. can someone give me a generak idea of where the moduke is located in the trunk,
  18. Hello all, I have a 12 disc changer from my 1996 eldorado ETC and i would love to install it into my 96 Deville but there doesnt appear to be a plug in the right side of the trunk for it. The mount is there for the changer though, I also bought the stereo that has the source buttons instead ofjust the am/fm tape button. I do not want aftermarket stereo but i would love to have a cd player, especially a changer. Maybe someone knows something about this? Thanks to all in advance
  19. Hello all. My best friend and I both have 1996 Cadillac Devilles and his has the security feature with alarm but mine does not. My question is Is there any way I can add the feature to my 1996 Deville. I love the factory securit and do not want to add aftermarket system . Mine has the factory Keyless entry with the 2 user setup if it helps any. Thanks to all in advance for the help
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