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  1. I am looking to trade my spare numer 1 remote for a decent number 2 remote. This is for my 1996 cadillac deville. Thank you all
  2. There is a 30amp fuse located behind the back seat, accessable from the trunk. I believe the fuse is the bottom right, I could be wrong but it is clearly labeled ELC. I have to say that if the fuse is blown it is very possible that the exhaust vavle corroded and you most likely have water intusion in the electric part of the air pump. I do not know of a breaker for the ride control circuit
  3. the only way a remote can control yor car is if it is programmed to your car. The only thing i can say about most ebay remotes is that dont think that the remot shown in the picture is what yours is going to look like, most of the time they are pretty faded. What year cadillac do you have? I haveth part numbers compatibility list for many years
  4. Here are some pics,Guess not for tonight lol
  5. If a 1995 back had it it would be accessable from the trunk by pulling the carpet that is behind the back seat. The module is at the bottom left of the panel, and has a blue plug. It is about 5x5x1. 1996 to 1997 is different. Below is a picture of the module for 1994 to 1995. 1996 to 1997 is different
  6. I also appreciate this as I am going to try the same when I change my oil
  7. It is just snapped in but i dont know exactly where to pull to release it. Maybe I can post a picture tomorrow
  8. Quote As far as wiring the seats to the doors, I'm not familiar with how any of that works. What I am getting from what you posted is that your car has the adjusters for the original seats on the door, but the ETC seats have the adjusters built into them? Yes you are correct. I have not had any luck finding a console yet, I havent had any luck with the dealer as they state they have no idea. The reason why I ask about the memory wiring is that it is common for vehicles that didnt get certain provisions to get the same harnesses than the ones that did, and therefore being wired for the feature but just not having the provision. Kind of like the cd changer deal. It is very well different with cadillacs
  9. lol i am so used to doing it by dropping the tank, I have only ever done one that i didnt have to drop the tank because there was an access under the back seat
  10. I have a tool for the hood struts and it works excellent, I work on alot of chryslers and every one of them have had bad struts.
  11. I am taking my 60/40 and rear seats out of my 1996 Deville and installing 1996 ETC seats. I planned to do this in the spring. I have the seats which I absolutely love. Black on black leather, heated, 4 way lumbar, 16 way power, and memory. I also am picking up the driver side master switch setup from a concours that has the memory seat switch on it at the rear. My questions would be How would I find out if the car is wired for memory provision(wiring connector in the door and under the driver seat)? The ETC buckets have the adjusters on the sides instead of on the doors. I dont really care which ones I will have to use but i would like the ones on the doors to work. I am not sure how the wiring goes for this either. The reason why I am doing this is because I really like the ETC seats alot. They are extremely comfortable, sleek, and I love the memory feature, especially the exit feature. I also do not much care for the 60/40 setup anyhow. I have always owned GMs that had the column shift with 60/40 seats. I like the openness at the floor area. But The driver seat is always sagging at the left which is very uncomfortable, and to me just looks bad. Now The center console issue That i will be running into I am also trying to take care of. There was a seville 1996-1997 that was available with column shift with buckets, therefore there was a center console with the vents on the back side, the rear vent fan, and a auxillary outlet. The problem that I am having is that it is a rare feature to get buckets with column shift. So if anyone knows where I can get a center console prefferably in tan or similair for column shift please let me know I will be posting progress on this project with before and after pics galore, I would appreciate tips, ideas, info, anything. Thanks for reading
  12. Ouch. You are very lucky. A few years ago I was at my local salvage yard and akk of the cars are up on stands so I was under the hood of a Oldsmobile eighty eight (big car with very big nose) and I failed to notice that someone had rigged the struts to hold the hood open. Well I leaned over the car and the hood came down so fast I had no time to move, When it fell the latch part with the secondary release mechainsm hit me in the head and slammed the rest into the radiator, bumper and whatever else I hit. I came to and got the hood off of me and did not have my glasses on(very bad vision) so this guy was nice enough to find them for me about 20 feet away lol and I ended up driving about 15 miles to get to the hospital. Long story short 20 stitches just below my hairline on my forehead, lots of cuts, scrapes and bruises, and a very important lesson learned.
  13. i would venture to say that it sounds like when it ran too low it may have sucked up something other than gas causing it to not run properly. It shouldnt take long with a bottle of dry gas and new gas. I do not recommend filling the tank too much though because if the fuel pump is the issue you want as little gas in the tank possible to drop the tank.
  14. Hi all. I purchased a new console lid for my 96 Deville and I am not sure how to remove the trim piece on the back of the console that has the vents on it. You have to remove this trim piece so that the rear of the lid can be released. I have tried to pop the piece off but it is mint and I do not want to break it. My old lid broke at the upper hinge mounts when I opened it one day and I didnt catch it in time . If anyone can help I would very highly appreciate it
  15. Replace the actuator, the same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, but my Deville is different than your Seville. You will need to observe the actuator to see which one is not moving, or get someone with a 99 FSM to tell you the location of the actuator that sets a B1340 code in your year Once I replaced my actuator, the problem was gone, it caused me to get heat instead of AC My 96 Deville has the same problem minus the trouble code. It takes forever to get warm even though the engine usually runs at 200*. The most time i feel any heat is on the highway on a trip. I havent figured out if it is the heatercore or some other problem. This car has the worst heat i have ever seen. I also cant stand the fact that there is no option to make heat come out of the dash vents, truly retarded if you want my opinion, So basically everywhere I go my fingers are frozen and my toes are cold
  16. I agree fully. When a mechanic is selling a car with a supposed simple problem, it is never a simple problem. Welcome to the forum
  17. darn I am having one hell of a time trying to find any info on this. I have heard a bunch of different things lol
  18. Well I have RKE but I have found 2 cars at my local yard that have the RPO for the theft system, I am looking to add the security feature but am not sure how to go about doing it. When i get inside my trunk i can hear the clicking coming from a black box on the passenger side upper of the back seat when i hit any button on ,my FOB. So i am not sure if that is supposed to be the RKE module or not. This is bugging me My best friend has the same car but his has it and I cant figure out how to get it on mine.
  19. Does anyone happen to know the exact location of the Keyless entry unit on the 1996-1997 Cadillac Deville. Thanks in advance. I also might add that I know where it is on the 95 and prior but 96 and up is different
  20. Thank you very much. I will definately try that and post my results.
  21. That car is absolutely stunning in every way. one can only dream
  22. those line connectors suck, they are a problem on many gm vehicles on both the tranny side and the cooler side. I usually replace the whole fitting with he new ring on it. Also you have to be careful when you install the fittings onto the radiator that you do not overtighten the fitting as it can crack the radiatior without you knowing it until it is too late. Good luck to you
  23. Ok the debris looks kind of like a drink may have splashed in a few spots on the wood, and I would like to know what years were compatible with the 96 that did get the wheel with the trim. My wheel is kind of worn and discolored
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