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  1. Merry Christmas Everyone.

    Thank you to all of our loyal members

  2. Merry Christmas to all.

    Hope it is as white as mine.

    We don't always get snow in NY for Christmas anymore.

  3. yay finally snow in upstate NY

  4. merry christmas and happy vacation

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

  6. just noticed someone added eldorado to the deville, seville, and sixty special section. Thanks

    1. Bruce Nunnally

      Bruce Nunnally

      That was always the intent and certainly Eldorado is spoken here.

    2. rockfangd


      Thanks. I had asked that one awhile back when I owned my last eldo. because there was no section specific for it

  7. Took the Seville out today. could not resist

  8. getting excited, almost time to take my seville out

  9. wishing it was spring, watching my Seville sit out the winter

  10. Cant wait to drive my Seville again but it is safe right where it is lol

  11. merry christmas to all. I am happy to be with my family

  12. cant wait for christmas. hope the world doesnt end

  13. I am getting fatter by the minute. happy turkey day

  14. working hard before winter shows up

  15. vacation anyone

    1. Texas Jim

      Texas Jim

      i am about ready for another one.. LOL

  16. trying to enjoy watching the time fly by, and the birds, trees, and slow people. lol

  17. winters here again. see my seville in the spring

  18. finally summer, oh wait is it fall, I dont know welome to upstate NY, maybe it will snow tomorrow lol

  19. just happy to be here, live on my forums

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