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  1. HI

    A few years ago you posted with a no-start conditions with PCM U1152 and RFA U1064.  I have those codes.  Did you ever figure out what caused those and what to do about them?



    1. rockfangd



      Last year I had a intermittent no start on my 97 Deville.

      Problem was the main battery cable from the battery to the driver side electrical center. It had been spliced and it rotted.

      those 2 codes you showed should not cause a no start condition if I am reading them right.

      Is it a no crank no start, or does it crank but not fire?

      What year and model?

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  2. just noticed someone added eldorado to the deville, seville, and sixty special section. Thanks

    1. rockfangd


      Thanks. I had asked that one awhile back when I owned my last eldo. because there was no section specific for it

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