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  1. I would like to know if you can go to 85-90 gear oil in the transfer case. I think it would be alot smoother an less noise.
  2. I just replaced the front wheel bearing hubs and rotors.Now I get the service ride control info and I never touched that system I think I will clear the codes tomorrow and see what happens.Thats what All-Data claim will work. Idon't know why it would act up by what I replaced.AQnyone ever have this happen. Turbojake
  3. I had the same thing.My left front wheel sensor had rust under it. All I did was remove the sensor and clean the mounting surfce. It has been working nomal now for 2 years. Good Luck Turbojake
  4. I bought new lights from Radio Shack part # 2721092 PK2 12V Microlamp 2 lights for $1.79.I soldered them in ,took abot 30min. They work great
  5. I changed the switches on my 2003 Escalade.Very easy job just slowly pull them out with two screwdrivers and disconnect the plug, make sure you hold the wire connecter up. I changed two of mind in about 10min.. My lights all burnt out. If you can find replacement size bulbs they can be resoldered in the switches The switches cost about $20 bucks each.
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